What is Autopom! and is it worth it?

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Whenever you buy a new vehicle, you are given a manufacturer’s warranty. This covers any damage within a specific time frame based on grounds stated by a contract. Most of these cover up to 3 years of usage or 36,000 miles in total. After this, you are left on your own with any additional expenses because of damages.

An extended vehicle warranty is, as the name implies, a new warranty that you can purchase for any future mechanical repairs. A contract will be given by a warranty company which specifies the parts of the car that will be covered and the length of coverage. It gives you the peace of mind with the idea that future repairs will be compensated by the warranty.

What is Autopom!?

Autopom! is an extended vehicle warranty service that is known for its flexible contract coverages and reliable services. It was launched in 2009 by a company that is headquartered in California.

Warranty Plans

The warranty that you will choose will determine the specific parts of the car that will be covered. Opting for more coverage gives you a higher price but may be best for your vehicle. The following are their warranty plans:

  • Powertrain-Plus Plans– These plans are best for those who will only need coverage for the most important parts of their vehicle. This includes the transmission, the differential assembly, the transfer, and also the engine. Some plans can also include the air conditioning, the internal electrical components, and fuel systems. The Power-train plans are as follows: Royal Centennial, EFG Powertrain Choice, Mercury Select, and Mercury Copper MBI. The length of coverage ranges from 3 to 5 years.
  • Mid-level Plans– Aside from those included in the Powertrain-Plus plans, you may also opt to add parts such as fuel delivery, steering, cooling, braking, and suspension. The mid-level plans are as follows: EFG Deluxe, Royal Preferred, Royal Standard MBI and Mercury Silver MBI. The length of coverage ranges from 5 years to 7 years.
  • High-level Plans– Aside from those included in the Mid-Level plans, you can also add coverage for the gaskets and seals. These are the most recommended plans. The high-level plans are as follows: Mercury Deluxe, Royal Premium, Mercury Gold MBI, and Royal Premium MBI. The length of coverages ranges from 6 years to 7 years.
  • Exclusionary Plans– These plans cover almost all of those included in the manufacturer’s warranty. These are the most expensive as they cover most of your car.

Coverage Choices

Autopom! offers a lot of coverage options depending on the customer’s budget and specific vehicle needs. These are good for protecting your investment and to give you more control of your coverage. The following are their coverage features:

  1. Transfer Case Coverage– Autopom! covers your whole four-wheel-drive system. It protects the transfer case of your car in case it suffers from any mechanical damages.
  2. Engine and Transmission Coverage– Given that these parts of the car are the most expensive to replace, Autopom! has plans that gives coverage for these. This is a good feature as the engine and transmission is important for the car.
  3. Electrical Components Coverage– Aside from the internal mechanical parts of the car, the electrical components are also covered. These include accessories such as the radio, any heated seats, air conditioner, or power windows. These are all covered by the basic plan.
  4. Fuel Systems Coverage– Your fuel line and gas tank can also be covered by Autopom!. This is especially crucial as the vehicle won’t be able to run with these parts damaged. This coverage is included with every plan.

In our reviews of all the different extended auto warranty plans available we felt in our review of AutoPOM! that they were the best out of everyone avaiable today.