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What are the most reputable extended car warranty companies?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 17, 2021



Using a vehicle after its original warranty can cause anxiety for some. After all, they are now fully responsible for the payment for repairs of any mechanical breakdowns. They would also have to process most of the paperwork involved and have to pay for a rental car while theirs is being fixed. With all of this in mind, many users are advised to simply purchase an extended warranty service. We have put together our top ranked auto warranty providers that is ever more thorough than this list, but please read our top rate extended warranty providers.

Extended Car Warranty and do you need one?

An extended car warranty is basically a contract that you can purchase for you to be reimbursed in case your car suffers from a mechanical breakdown. It is not part of the original warranty from the car’s manufacturer and is instead purchased from a third-party service. While this may seem unnecessary for some, it is actually good for ensuring that you won’t have to shell a huge sum of money for future repairs. This, along with the fact that these services come with a lot of features and maintenance tools for your car makes it worthwhile even if you end up not having a mechanical breakdown.

Should you get one?

These services have a lot of variations in their contracts which allow it to match any user based on their specific needs. Because of this, it is largely advisable for everyone to get one. These contracts come with affordable prices, reliable features, and dependable reimbursements processes.

There are a lot of companies that offer these which is why you should look for the best ones. The ones we will list out are especially reputable because of their good services and contracts offered. We also take into consideration how reliable they are in fulfilling their features.

Choosing the best service

To choose the best auto warranty provider, we thoroughly reviewed each of the contracts that they offered to see how it can be compatible with a lot of users. We check the exact coverage of each contract, the pricing of each, and if a third-party will be involved in the whole process.  We also check how easy their reimbursement process will be and what their customer says. Finally, we also check if the company has reliable features.


Our first choice – Autopom!

Autopom or Automotive Peace of Mind is a service based in California and is our consistent top ranked auto warranty provider because of various reasons.

First, they offer very abundant contracts that are all very flexible. These contracts range from those that only cover the most important parts of the car up to those that cover almost everything. These plans are called Powertrain and come with the most affordable prices. The most expensive plans are called Exclusionary plans as they only state the parts which are not covered, with everything else included. These contracts are made in coordination with other companies such as Royal, Mercury, and EFG Group to offer more specific contact people for each customer.

The service has a very high rating of A+ in Better Business Bureau which shows that they are very cooperative with customers and willing to answer their inquiries and complaints. They are also preferred by users because of their hassle-free reimbursement process made possible by cooperative representatives and fast responses. The company offers several features for their contracts including reimbursement if they need to rent a car while theirs is being fixed, emergency help available 24/7, and more. Overall , we couldn't find a better option than AutoPOM for not only their offerings, but their amazing customer service as well.

Our second choice – Toco Warranty

Toco Warranty is a company that is based in California and is also known for excellent customer service proven by their A+ rating in Better Business Bureau. They give coverage to all states except Washington, Alaska, and Missouri. They have been operating since 2013 and have always received good reviews.

They offer 4 distinct plans that are definitely fewer than other companies. They make up for this by ensuring that each of these plans are distinct, comprehensive, and compatible for many users. We go over all the great benefits that Toco offers in our full review here.

First is the Orange Plan that gives coverage for cars under 60,000 miles and lower than 5 years of use. It is their best coverage that gives almost complete coverage for you. The next is the Yellow Plan that gives coverage for those under 10 years and have travelled under 100,000 miles. Next is the Green Plan with the same requirement for age and year but with less features offered. Last is the Blue Plan advised for older cars (under 20 years) which have travelled less than 175,000 miles.

The company has a unique coverage called the modern and technology package that gives reimbursement for expensive modern parts of the car. This is a good feature that allows more expensive cars to have a warranty similar to their original one. The company also offers reimbursement for rental cars and roadside assistance.

Our third choice – AA Auto Warranty

AA Auto Warranty is another solid choice because of its abundant contract choices that extend up to 20. With them, their best plan can be used by cars for up to six years of usage and more than 100,000 miles which is quite accommodating for its large coverage. With them, users can have flexible payments that can last for up to two years.

They have one of the fastest sign-up processes, with the warranty being activated after first purchasing. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their service.


From here, we can see that Autopom is very good all-around because of its abundant contracts, their dependable services, and their good customer services. Next, Toco Warranty has very comprehensive plans that, even if few, are applicable for many users. Finally, AA Auto Warranty also offers a lot of choices for users that makes looking for one perfect for their budget and exact needs easier.