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What are the features of USAA Extended Vehicle Protection? Is it a good service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 24, 2020

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Extended vehicle warranties are an important subscription you can use to ensure that future repairs for your car will be compensated. Depending on the length of your contract, the parts covered, and the total agreement, there are several varieties for these services that can accommodate different budgets and models of car.

USAA Extended Vehicle Protection

The USAA Extended Vehicle Protection is one of the most renowned warranty providers. This is because they have been established since 1922. They market themselves to be a choice for those who have military family members. Aside from the extended warranty for cars, they also provide other services such as banking, real estate, and health insurance. However, a membership can only be availed by those that are or has a parent that has served in the US military. 

Coverage available

All the coverage plans for USAA are available under the United Service Protection Corp. This makes it easy for any complaints to be immediately be answered as all the contracts that will be made will be under a single entity. The plans are as follows: a comprehensive plan, a plan exclusively for diesel vehicles, and a manufacturer wrap plan for standard vehicles. 

The comprehensive plan is the most complete plan that is guaranteed to cover almost all of the parts of your car. The manufacturer wrap plan is recommended for those looking for basic powertrain parts. 

To qualify for a plan, the car can't be older than 10 years. A limit of 115,000 miles is also implemented. Vehicles manufactured in Europe are also ineligible for a contract. 

The best thing about USAA is its generous reimbursement policy. For instance, it offers compensation for those who will be needing a rental car while their actual vehicle is being repaired. This helps you get back to your usual schedule. Their reimbursement can give you up to $50 per day. They also have a separate reimbursement for trip interruptions, which covers meal and hotel rooms. The maximum allotted fee is $300.

Contract reading

An important but often overlooked part of extended vehicle warranties is the actual contract. For one to be considered reliable and worthy of being bought, it must be readable and straight to the point once read by the customer. This is why we have found USAA extended car warranty to be a good choice, because it is straight to the point.

Since the service only has three available contracts, their content doesn't differ that much from one another. The formatting and the used words for each were readable and easy to understand by most. There were no attempts to confuse the customer into anything that might not look as bad with a face value, too. 

Quoting Process

The whole quoting process is only available for those who are members of the USAA. Given the limited choices that customers can avail, the process for quoting is much faster than with other services. You can immediately generate full quotes for multiple vehicles in a short period of time by just entering the requested details. A sales call is not necessary for you to purchase a plan. 

They also have a no deductible, no down payment policy. This is a good feature that saves users from paying for deductibles on their repairs. 


The service is especially recommended for those who have served in the military or have an immediate family member who did. This is because they are specifically targeted towards these people. Aside from these, their coverage plans are all straightforward. The coverage given for those who will be using rental cars is also generous in comparison to other services. 

The only downside to their service is their limited coverage in terms of the manufacturer of the car and the allowed mileage. The limit for the age of the car may also be too restrictive. Aside from this, the necessity to be a member of the USAA extended car warranty may be a big hurdle for casual users who may want to avail of their services.