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What are the best extended auto warranty programs for 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 26, 2021

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Travelling the road without any sort of insurance for mechanical breakdowns is especially scary for those on a tight budget. This is because no matter how careful they are on the road, they may still have to pay for a large sum in case their vehicle suddenly falters. This includes the main components, the accessories, and more. This, along with the fact that they may have to pay for more unexpected costs such as a rental vehicle, a hotel in case they are stuck somewhere, and the repairs on their cars.

What is extended auto warranty?

Extended car warranty is a form of service that compensates users in case they experience a mechanical breakdown suddenly. Users should take note that it is technically not a warranty as it does not come directly from the manufacturer and not all forms of it covers the car completely. The latter depends upon the exact company and plan of the user. Even if this is the case, it is still recommendable for users to get one as it will remove the fear of having to pay high in case their vehicle suffers from mechanical breakdown later.
Users should also take note of the fact that this covers mechanical breakdowns which means that it is not an alternative for collision, health, and relevant insurances. 

What should you look for in an extended car warranty service?

Currently, there are a lot of companies that offer this service. This is why it is important to have a list of things you prioritize before purchasing a contract from a company. One of the most important factors to consider is the reliability of the companies when it comes to compensating customers at the time of a mechanical breakdown. This can be seen with how fast their representatives answer your needs, their track record according to customer reviews, and the ways where they can be contacted. The pricing plans of the company should also be considered as some users only need coverage for the most important plans (called powertrain) while some need complete coverage. 

The additional features included in their different plans should also be considered. The service should have a 24/7 emergency service, reimbursement for rental vehicles, and more. They should also have a dependable customer service, signing up process, and more.

What are the best extended car warranty services?

Here at Best Review Guides, we have browsed through the different choices for extended car warranties and looked at the different aspects such as their pricing plans, the features they offer, and more/  This article is a more complete analysis of our top four picks.

Our first choice – autopom!

Autopom stands for Automotive Peace of Mind. Founded in 2009, the company is our top pick because of the diverse range of plans, their reliability, and their good customer support. With them, users are given up to 21 different plans for them to choose from, each of them giving different ranges of coverage, pricing plans, and more. They also collaborated with known service administrators such as Mercury, Royal, EFG, and more to provide instant reimbursements. The service is also known for providing coverage even internationally which means that if the user’s car breaks down abroad, they are still given compensation. 

Currently, they have a score of A+ in the Better Business Bureau which shows that they are responsive with customer complaints and feedback which shows a dedication for improving customer experience. This also shows that they have good representatives for which plans can be inquired and applied to. This extends to the process of reimbursement which is fast, easy, and accessible with them. 

As mentioned above, most users will be happy with the abundance of plans that they offer which means even those with the least budgets can still be accommodated. Their plans range from powertrain options which give reimbursement to the most vital parts of the vehicle up to complete coverages which reimburse it from bumper to bumper. With them, users can extend the coverage for up to 8 years. The less used the car is, the better the plan will be. However, even for cars which have travelled more, they still offer better pricing and plans compared to other companies which makes them more recommendable.

With Autopom, users are given additional benefits that make purchasing plans from them more worthwhile. First, they offer 24/4 available road assistance for emergencies such as losing gas in the middle of the road, being locked out of your car, needing a tow, and more. Aside from this, they are also given reimbursements in case they need to temporarily rent a vehicle while theirs are being repaired. They are also given a chance to have their money back within 30 days in case they are not satisfied with the services of Autopom. Finally, the service also gives $50 if they successfully refer the service to their peers which is sent through mail. It is the best choice for us. 

Second place, Endurance auto warranty.

Endurance is a company that was founded back in 2006 in Illinois. They serve all states except for California. The service takes the second spot in our list because of its very positive customer reviews, its good set of plans, and their reliable service. The company has been known for it countless consumer awards and their growing revenue thanks to their good services.

The service has fewer plans than Autopom. However, they make up for this by giving a wide range of included parts which ensure that customers will be satisfied with the plan that they will get. Their best plan is the Supreme plan which is their full coverage plan including braking system, air conditioning, and more.Their other plans include Superior, Secure Plus, Secure, Select Premier, Advantage.

However, some may be intimidated with the need for Endurance’s Elite Membership in order to get their best additional features. Purchasing it is very worthwhile, though, as it provides a lot of benefits. First, it provides users access to the Endurance Protect application which lets you easily contact the team of Endurance for any emergencies and needs. Here, users can instantly report about the need for emergency roadside assistance that is available 24/7, tire repair replacement, rental car reimbursement, key fob replacement, and more. Here, users can also submit customer ticket support or contact direct human support in case necessary. Users can also help users be reimbursed by up to $25,000 incase they become a victim of fraud. 

Currently, the service has a score of 3.5 in TrustPilot, with most customers praising their reliability, the ease of dealing with their representatives, while commenting negatively about the inclusions of some of their plans.


CARCHEX is our third best option. Compared to the others, it instantly has an advantage with the fact that it offers protection for all 50 states which means that users in California which is usually excluded can receive the benefits of purchasing their plans. The company has been operational since 2004 and continues to be a popular choice because of their abundant plans, good word of mouth, and affordable pricing plans. Currently, they hold a very high score of A+ in Better Business Bureau which ensures that it responds to customer feedbacks and inquiries very quickly.

The company has one of the best-arranged plans we have seen that is easily memorized because of its inclusions. They are divided into the Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze plan in accordance to the coverage of each plan. It is important to remind users that the plans to always look out for are the mid-tier plans instead of the most expensive one as the former are the most commonly bought. In terms of the Gold and Platinum plan, CARCHEX did not disappoint in terms of the coverage, the pricing, and reliability. The process of getting a quote and a plan with them was also very easy because of their informed representatives that were neither pushy nor forceful during our inquiries. They also have a well-designed website that guides users through their different plans properly. 

AA Auto Protection

AA Auto Protection is our fourth best option because of its low down payment that makes it friendly for anyone on a tight budget. They company is currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aside from its friendly pricing plans, they are also known for their abundant contract choices of up to 17. These also have reasonable mileage and car age limits which allows more users to have access to their contracts. They offer contracts that range from bumper to bumper protection up to those that only gives coverage for the most vital parts.