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USAA Extended Vehicle Protection – How good is this service?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated June 1, 2020

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The USAA Extended Vehicle Protection is an extended car warranty service that is specially catered for those who have served in the military or for those whose family members had. They have been established since 1992. To be able to generate a quote, you must first be a member of the service. 

Aside from offering an extended vehicle warranty, they also offer banking, health insurance, and real estate. 

They are notable for having only three available contracts which make it easier for a user to choose a specific one. Each of these varies in terms of length, mileage, and covered parts. 

What is the extended vehicle warranty for USAA?

An extended vehicle warranty gives compensation for your vehicle in case it suffers a malfunction. It is recommended for those whose original manufacturer warranties are nearing an end. The range of compensation varies depending on the contract which will state the covered parts, mileage, and additional compensations (rental car service, missed trip compensation). 

Contracts available

Currently, there are three available plans under the USAA.

The first is a comprehensive plan. This is the plan which is best for those who wants to cover almost all parts of the car. This is also recommended for those who have a little more budget. 

The second one is the diesel-vehicle exclusive plan which is also offered at an affordable price. 

The third plan is the manufacturer wrap plan which is recommended for those who wants to cover their basic powertrain parts. 

The requirements for the car is quite restrictive with USAA. Only those which are less than 10 years of age and who has travelled less than 115,000 miles will be considered for the plan. Europe-manufactured vehicles are also not covered. 

Other features of USAA

USAA also offers additional reimbursement policies for other cases. Those who will be using a rental car while their car is being fixed will be given $50 per day to pay for the former. The maximum allotment is $250. Aside from this, trip interruptions may also be compensated up to $300. This will pay for meal and hotel rooms. 

Quoting process for USAA

As long as you are already a part of the USAA, the quoting process is fast and simple. Multiple vehicles can be registered within minutes. Details like brand, age of the car, mileage, and other factors will be the only requirements. There is also no need for a sales call to be able to register for the extended warranty. They also have a no deductible, no down payment policy which lessens the final payment. 

In the end, the USAA protection service is best recommended for those who are eligible to be a member. Their contracts and plans are simple and easy to understand. The only downside is the restrictive limits for a qualified car.