Top 3 Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021

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Extended auto warranty plans can remove a lot of your worries about future mechanical breakdowns. They can help compensate you for this and even offer a lot of features such as rental car reimbursement and emergency services available 24/7. These companies can extend your warranty to match the original warranty or give you less coverage for more affordable prices. These companies vary in terms of their exact coverages, requirements, and features but are all good for all users. Here in Best Review Guides, we have selected the best companies for users who want to get the best extended warranty contracts.

First Place - AutoPOM!

Autopom which is stylized as Autopom! is a company based in California. They offer one of the largest pools of available contracts, each with their own coverage and pricing plans. These are managed by third-party companies such as Mercury insurance, Royal Administration, and United Car Care to make processes smoother and more specific for every user. They currently have a score of A+ in Better Business Bureau which shows that they have excellent customer service and are very reliable when it comes to answering complaints and questions. They are a popular choice for many users.

They currently have more than 20 contracts available that have several tiers based on coverage such as Powertrain, Mid-tier, and full coverage. This company covers cars which have travelled up to 200,000 miles and are as old as 15 years old which shows that the company allows a lot of users in their plans. Even with this, they offer good coverage and reasonable prices that makes them affordable for many users.

Included in their features are rental car imbursements that are given in case your car is in the repair shop. They also offer 24/7 available roadside assistance.

Second Place - Toco Warranty

Toco Warranty is another excellent option. They are also based in California. The only reason they’re lower in the list is because they are not available in some states such as Missouri and Alaska and offer fewer plans than Autopom. Even with this, they are still a very good option. First, their four plans are all very comprehensive and suitable for many users. These are divided into the Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue Plan. The Orange Plan is their exclusive plan that offers coverage for almost all parts and is only available for those who have travelled less than 60,000 miles and are less than 5 years of age. Their most affordable plan is the Blue Plan for cars which have travelled for up to 175,000 miles and are not older than 20 years.

The company is known for their unique Technology and Modern Features package which includes expensive parts of the car into the extended warranty. They also offer rental car reimbursement and 24/7 available roadside assistance. They have an easy reimbursement process. They also have responsive and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Third place - AA Auto Warranty

AA Auto Warranty is a company that is based in Pennsylvania and takes pride in being in the business for over 30 years. This ensures that many users have trust in the company and that they have reliable services. The service is connected with several third-party administrators such as DOWC, United Car Care and Matrix Warranty Solutions to ensure that contracts will be more personalized for users. They are placed in a lower rank in the list because of their F rating in Better Business Bureau which shows that they are quite unresponsive with some user complaints and suggestions. Aside from this, the company has good plans, pricing, and more. They offer flexible monthly payments. Their service can also be immediately effective upon signing up for them.

Included in their plans is Full Coverage, Premium Stated Components, Stated Component, and Premium PowerPlan. Upon checking, we found their plans to be compatible with many users’ vehicles and budgets. They have one of the highest rental car reimbursements, giving up to $30 to their users who will have to purchase a rental car while theirs are being repaired. This is limited to five days.


Our best choice is Toco Warranty company because of its large variety in terms of its contracts offered, their customer service, and their additional features. Our second choice is Toco Warranty because of their comprehensive plans that many can use comfortably. Third is AA Auto Warranty which offers a lot of available contracts.

In the end, choosing one will still depend upon a specific contract that will perfectly fit your vehicle and your budget. It is best to scan through the different contracts of companies first before choosing one.