Is endurance car insurance good?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 7, 2021

Car getting picked up after breaking down


Every car will experience breakdowns over its long usage life. If you buy a new car, you will be protected against such a thing for at least the first several years. Unfortunately, most critical breakdowns happen as the car grows old. So what would happen if the breakdowns occur once the official warranty has run out?

The obvious answer is you should pay the repair bills out of your own pocket. And depending on the type of breakdowns, the cost would jump to thousands of dollars. If you're not prepared to take on such a huge expense, then the best thing you should do is apply for an extended auto warranty.

There are lots of companies that you could choose from but one of the best in the industry right now is a company called Endurance. This brief article will talk about some important things that you need to know about it.

What is extended auto warranty?

Before we get into Endurance, let's talk about extended auto warranty first. As the name suggests, extended auto warranty is a company that would give an additional warranty when your official warranty has run out. That way, you won't have to pay out of your own pockets whenever a breakdown occurs. 

Different companies might have different coverage plans that depend on various variables. But the most common ones are the overall condition of the vehicle, the age of the vehicle, and the mileage. Of course, the better your vehicle condition is, the more likely you'll be able to get a better coverage plan.

About Endurance extended car warranty

Endurance is a company that offers an extended auto warranty that covers not only the United States, but Canada as well. It was founded in 2006 in Northbrook, Illinois, and has been steadily becoming the most trusted company within the industry. 

Endurance has constantly received praise from car-related media publications. With scores ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars. One of the reasons for this stellar performance is because Endurance won't receive vehicles with pre-existing condition. Because the lower the risk is for them, the lower the price that they could offer to their customers. We found in our Endurance reviews that it was one of the better options for protecting your car and wallet long term.

Endurance plans and coverage
  • Secure. This is Endurance's most affordable plan. With this plan, all of the most vital components of your vehicle would be protected against all kinds of breakdowns. This is the best plan for those of you who simply want additional protection with a reasonable cost.
  • Select Premier. This plan was made especially for vehicles with high mileage. If your vehicle has up to 150.000 miles on the counter, then this plan is for you. With this plan, you would get the protection for the vital components of your car, and some A/C and electrical parts.
  • Superior. This is one of the most comprehensive plans from Endurance. In this plan, you'll get coverage for all the vital components of your vehicle, hundreds more specific components, even protection for the rear suspensions and all the way to the engine.
  • Supreme. With this plan, you'll get to enjoy coverage to almost every component of your vehicle with only some little exceptions. This is especially useful for drivers who rely heavily on the reliability of their vehicle. This is one of the closest ones you'll get to the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Secure plus. As the name implied, this plan is a step up of the Secure plan. This is for drivers who wish for a better and wider coverage than what the Secure plan is willing to offer but with a price that is still within the realm of affordability.
  • Advantage. This plan has a similar coverage as the Supreme plan with the difference being the inclusion of maintenance. With this new plan from Endurance, you'll get to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on regular maintenance.
Additional Benefits from Endurance

Other than the comprehensive selection of coverage plans, you'll also receive some additional benefits called Endurance Elite Membership with every plan. These benefits include 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption and car rental reimbursement, additional discounts, tire repair/replacements, and many others. Not only that, every Endurance plan also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Is Endurance worth it?

If you own a car, then getting an extended auto warranty is without a doubt one of the best decisions that you could make. Because the older and the more you use your car, the greater the chance for it to break down. And when such a thing happens, the repair cost could be astronomical. 

Among the best extended auto warranty companies, Endurance stood as one of the most reputable ones in the market. It is willing to offer a great selection of plans with various levels of coverage with a reasonable price. Not to mention there are lots of additional benefits as well. So yes, Endurance is definitely worth it.