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Is Endurance Car Insurance a good choice for warranties?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 17, 2021

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Although they are not a necessity, extended car warranties can do wonders for you. After all, it can help you pay for any repairs you will need in case your vehicle suffers from a mechanical breakdown. Aside from this, it can help you further by having additional perks such as rental car reimbursement, travel cost discounts, and more. Extended car warranties are easier to negotiate and to plan thoroughly as it offers more flexibility in terms of price, exact coverage, and more.


Endurance is one of the most known companies for extended warranties. They currently have excellent customer reviews and scores in review sites such as Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and Google which shows good dedication to answering inquiries and complaints. They are one of the very few companies to have an award from Inc. 5000 and Gold Stevie Awards. They offer a lot of variety when it comes to coverages and features. They also have a fast process for processing users claims, for starting your vehicle warranty plan, and more. They have one of the most comprehensive websites and also an easy way of getting your quote.


Pricing plans with Endurance

As with any other extended vehicle service, they also offer abundant pricing plans to accommodate more users. This range in terms of pricing and the included coverage.

First is the Secure Plan that offers the most affordable prices for users and is generally the most accommodating in terms of car age and model. Users can also purchase the Secure Plus option that gives the shortest wait period in case you need the protection instantly.

They also have the Select Premier plan that is specifically tailored towards cars which have already travelled for the most miles.

Next is the Superior Plan that is made for protection for the most components of the car. The Supreme plan is similar and acts as the exclusionary coverage which means only the parts it won’t reimburse will be the ones listed in the contract.

A unique plan of the service is the Advantage Plan. Aside from reimbursement for the car repairs, you are also given maintenance options.

Elite membership

If you are willing and capable of shelling out $2,000, you can purchase an Endurance Elite Membership which is one of the best car protection plans you can have. Through this, you can have access to a lot of benefits but it does come at a steep price tag.

First, they offer 24/7 available roadside assistance. Through this, you can simply call them in case you get stuck on the road and need emergency assistance for cases like running out of gas, having a flat tire, and the likes. Next, their service allows you to have additional discounts for many merchants.

They also have their own Personal Concierge which is simply a fancy term for a live representative that you can call for any discounts, emergencies, and more that are related with the company.

With them, you are given free replacement for damaged key fobs. Users are also given additional security tools that ensure that their identity will be kept secure online. This is important for avoiding identity theft.

All of these are contained in one comprehensive mobile application where you can view your current coverage, see the different discounts you can have, and call for help in case you encounter emergencies on the road.

Advantages of Endurance

Endurance is a popular choice for many users, and for good reason. They offer a lot of advantages when you sign up for their services.

First, they have a 30-day money back guarantee in case you encounter issues and unexpected downsides to their service. This is unconditional and easy to receive.

Their plans are also mostly administered directly by Endurance. They do not rely on third parties. Through this, the whole contract signing and payment process will be very easy and fast.

They also accept almost any dealership or mechanic who is certified for the job. This ensures that you won’t have much difficulty in choosing a shop where your car will be fixed.

Disadvantages of Endurance

The only real drawback that we could come up with when reviewing Endurance Extended auto warranties, was that the higher end of the price tag might be a bit high. Although there are a lot of benefits that come with the $2,000 price tag for the highest end package it does cost a lot. Although the risk/reward is your decision there are a lot of different options that they do offer that come at a lower price.


Endurance is a very good choice for a car insurance company. They offer abundant plans that they directly administer, good pricing plans, and good features.