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In depth review of USAA extended warranty services

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated September 24, 2020

Broken down blue car that wishes it has USAA extended warranty service, because it is stuck on the side of the road.

Quick Review

USAA Auto Insurance plans, while exclusive for its members, are one of the best among the industry. They offer flexible coverages and pricing plans that take into account the driver’s vehicle, driving skills, and membership. They also have a broad list of insurance ranging from liability, property damage, up to personal injury. 

USAA as a company

USAA or the United States Automobile Association is a known financial services group that offers insurance, healthcare, and more specifically for active or retired members of the Armed Forces. Some of their plans can also apply to their family members. 

USAA Auto Insurance offers

USAA offers some of the best possible types of coverage for vehicles: a comprehensive coverage. This allows users to be compensated for damages that may occur to their vehicle. This is available if the car suffers from damage form a rollover or collision. Other types of types of damage that is included in the coverage are environmental hazard damage with floods, fires, and hails along with third-party incurred damage with theft and vandalism. 

Liability Insurance with USAA

USAA offers liability insurance which can be used to pay for damages that a customer has incurred to other people. This comes in two forms: bodily injury damage and property damage. Most of these are required by states to ensure that any victims of accidents will be able to receive compensation for their medical expenses. 

The bodily injury damage insurance gives users compensation in case they cause the death or injury of a person while driving. The coverage for this depends upon the specific policy which they will be given. The property damage pertains to the compensation a user will be given in case they cause accidental damage to another person’s property. 

Additional insurance with USAA

Aside from the earlier mentioned insurance plans, USAA can also give additional coverage for the following: 

  • Personal Injury Protection – This gives compensation in case the user or their passengers suffer from an auto accident. This is regardless of whose fault it is. The expenses covered by this insurance include funeral, disability, medical, and lost income costs. The limits and coverages depend upon the policy plan of the user.  
  • Extended benefits – This insurance plan gives disability benefits and death benefits for wage earners and essential services.  
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Insurance – This gives insurance for users and their passengers which are accidentally involved in a hit-and-run incident with an uninsured driver or if the driver commits a hit-and-run. 
Benefits of USAA

USAA offers a lot of benefits for its members. This is mostly to compensate for the fact their services are limited towards their members. 

Their first benefit is their roadside assistance benefit. With this, USAA will pay for the towing or repair costs in case their user’s vehicles are stranded somewhere because of a sudden breakdown. Aside from this, users who are also unable to unlock their car, change a tire, or those who suddenly runs out of gas on the road will also be given assistance.  

Users who also need to use a car for their daily routine either for work or for personal reasons will be compensated in case they need to pay for a rental car if their vehicle is still being fixed. Users should take note that USAA is quite generous in the amount of days of compensation and the amount of money they supply their users for this service. 

Finally, users are ensured that their premium would not go up after a single at-fault accident in case they remain accident free for five years. In some states, USAA offers this available for purchase. 

How to get a quote from USAA

Instead of having to call their services and negotiate through the phone, users can instead get a free quota through USAA’s website. Current USAA customers should take note that they can receive up to 10% off their renters or homeowners insurance if they add auto insurance to their plans. 

Can anyone get an auto insurance from USAA?

USAA is mainly created for active members of the Armed Forces. Their family members are also included for this. This is why other types of citizens may not be able to purchase an insurance from USAA. 

How do I get the best prices and coverage with USAA

USAA has flexible coverages and pricing plans depending on the user. However, users should still ensure that they pass certain criteria for them to receive the best offers. These are the factors to consider if you want to have a plan that best matches your needs and paying capacity: 

  • Driving skill – The driving skill of the user is considered for the company to ensure that the auto insurance will most probably be not needed (as better driving skills leads to less accidents). First, they should have a good driving record for more than five years. Users can also improve their current driving skills with an approved course from USAA. For those younger than 21, they should first complete a basic driver training course. 
  • Current condition of the vehicle – USAA also gives better rates and coverage for vehicles that are newer. Those which were bought for not longer than 3 years old can expect better rates. Users who can extend their mileage using multiple vehicles can expect better coverage. The mileage of the drivers will also be taken into account and those with better rates per year are given discounts. Lastly, vehicles that are under storage are given a discount of up to 60%. 
  • The membership of the user – Since USAA has limited membership, this can also be a factor for the coverage and prices they offer. First, those who will be inheriting an auto insurance from their parents can receive up to 10% discount. Those who will be sticking to their current car coverage can save more. Lastly, when the vehicle of the member is on the garage of the military base, they can save up to 15% with their comprehensive coverages.