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How to get an Autopom Extended Car Warranty quote

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 25, 2021

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Autopom Extended Car warranty is one of the most reliable services in the market which makes them a popular choice for most. Boasting one of the highest numbers of contracts along with a seamless quota process, Autopom continues to be the best option for extended car warranty.

How to get a quote

To get a quote from Autopom, customers simply need to visit their website. From there, the first page has a submission form that they must complete. Included in the information to be submitted is the user’s zip code, vehicle year, vehicle maker, vehicle model, vehicle mileage, VIN, and their contact information. Users get the fastest service by going to this page: and entering your informaiton.

An AutoPOM agent will quicky call you back and start the discussion on which insurance you should get.

Should I subscribe to one?

Extended car warranties are plans which are recommended for users who want to extend their current vehicle warranties. Users should take note that their service is not technically a warranty as it does not come from the original manufacturer of the car. Rather, it gives compensation for any mechanical breakdown which a user may face during a specific time frame which makes it better to purchase after the initial warranty ends. Also, it does not necessarily give full warranty for the vehicle (but can) as the provider still needs to be sure that it can pass the test for mileage, model, and car quality.  We have done a lot of reviews and found that AutoPOM was the best car warranty extending option on the market.

Coverage Plan options

Autopom has coverage for almost all types of vehicles. Users only need to ensure that their vehicles are of newer models, less mileage, and with less damage for them to receive the best packages. The coverages of Autopom include the following:

  • Exclusionary or bumper-to-bumper – This plan covers almost all parts of the vehicle and only tells the customer about the ones that it will not include for coverage in the contract. They currently offer 6 plans under this.
  • High-level – This plan is similar to the first one but with lesser coverage specifically fuel, drive axle, engine, transmission, suspension, steering, braking, air conditioning, cooling, and electrical systems. They currently offer 5 plans under this.
  • Mid-level – This plan covers the following: engine, drive axle, steering, transmission, air conditioning, and braking along with suspension for some other coverages. They currently offer 3 plans for this.
  • Powertrain Plus – This plan is the most basic one as it only covers the air conditioning, engine, drive axle, and transmission. They currently offer 5 plans for this.

These plans are offered from a third-party contractor like Mercury, Royal, and Omega.

Benefits of an extended auto warranty

Aside from compensation for mechanical breakdowns, users also receive a lot of benefits from Autopom. For starters, users can receive compensation for their repairs regardless of the repair shop which they will choose. Users can also receive compensation in case they would need to temporarily rent a vehicle. Lastly, users are also given flexible pricing plans and schedules to ensure that any type of budget will be accommodated by their different plans.