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Features of autopom! Extended Car Warranty

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 18, 2020

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The service of autopom! is an extended car warranty that allows its users to have more coverage for their vehicles in the case of future breakdowns. Depending on the terms that the client and the service will agree on, a full, medium, or specific coverage for the parts of the vehicle may be included in the extended warranty.

What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?

The protection plan that is covered by autopom! is also called a Vehicle Protection Plan. It is a type of breakdown insurance specifically for vehicles. It provides users coverage for any sudden mechanical breakdown. It is recommended for users to avail for the service after the manufacturer warranty. Depending on the specific policy that they will avail, users may have a full, partial, or specific warranty for their vehicles.

Features of autopom! Extended Car Warranty

The service of autopom! has features that are focused on relieving its users’ worry in terms of a future mechanical breakdown. The features that a user can avail depend upon the type of specific policy which they avail. This includes:

  1. Rental Car Assistance– The service of autopom! still covers its users in the case of a mechanical breakdown. As some users may still need to use a vehicle for their daily needs in the case of the breakdown of their own vehicle, the cost of having a rental car will be covered. This makes it easier to still continue everyday schedules while still being covered. Depending on the policy chosen, you can be given up to 5 days of rental service reimbursement.
  2. Repair Coverage– The service of autopom! gives repair coverage for its users. This means that any sudden mechanical breakdown of the parts of the vehicle will be compensated by the service. The exact coverage and the exact parts of the vehicle that will be reimbursed will depend upon the specific policy which the user will choose. This makes it easier for those who bought new vehicles to still be able to pay for any future damages. This is because payment for autopom! is spread in a schedule that makes payment easier.
  3. Roadside Assistance– The coverage for autopom! does not end with the reimbursement for any damaged parts of the vehicle. Aside from this, users are also offered 24/7 roadside assistance.This means that any emergencies which may require immediate assistance will be given by autopom! This includes being locked out of your car, emergency fuel services, towing, and other emergency situations.
  4. Convenience for users– The service of autopom! is focused on giving its users assurance that they will be able to pay for any future damages to their vehicle. This is because their insurance covers both your vehicle and other emergency assistance that may be required in the future. The rental assistance is also a big addition.
  5. Choosing your own repair shop- The users of autopom! will be allowed to choose their own repair shop for their vehicles. This means that you will not be forced to fix your vehicle to a new shop, and instead, choose one that best suits your needs.
  6. Other features– The service of autopom! also offers compensation for other factors that may be included with the vehicle. They also offer assistance for Tire Protection in some of the plans for users to have their wheels covered. They also have Trip Interruption Reimbursement and convenient payment plans for the users to be able to pay more comfortably. This is why an extended car warranty is recommended for those whose original car manufacturer’s warranty is over.