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Does USAA still offer extended car warranties in 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

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Extended car warranties are services that you can avail for you to have compensation in case of a mechanical breakdown. This is usually recommended for those whose original car manufacturer warranties are ending. Depending on the specific contract that you will pursue, you can choose to give coverage to specific parts of the car or to have it covered bumper-to-bumper.

USAA Car Warranty

USAA is a known name in the extended vehicle warranty business because of its reputation of healthy consumer relations, reliable coverage, and affordable plans. They are especially catered towards people who have served in the military and on some degree, their families. They are one of the most-sought extended car warranty services.

The warranty, however, is exclusive for the members of the company only. Membership can only be given to active or retired military personnel along with their family members. This is why it is very hard to be able to avail the services of USAA.

Do they still offer extended car warranties?

As of January, 2018, USAA has officially discontinued their extended auto warranty plans. This means that even the members of the company will not be allowed to pursue for a plan. However, they will still honor the contracts of those that subscribed to their service before the cancellation.

What were their plans before its cancellation?

USAA had formerly offered two plans including the Manufacter Wrap Protection and Comprehensive Protection. These are offered for vehicles that has 50,000 or less of mileage. These plans were formerly managed by Assurant Solutions which is a third-party insurance company. While this may look suspicious for some, this practice is quite common for big extended car warranty companies. It is recommended for customers to fully read the contracts before signing them to be sure. 

What were the benefits of purchasing a plan from them?

USAA has a lot of benefits with their services which makes them a recommendable service back when it was available. This is because they are relatively more exclusive compared to other services.

For starters, they used to offer full reimbursement for any rental car services that you will need in case your car will be repaired after a mechanical breakdown. They give up to $50 for each day of use for as long as you will use. Other extended car warranty services usually offer only up to five days of compensation for a maximum of $30 per day.

The members that will purchase these plans were also given a free period for extending their warranty expiration for up to 15 months. This will be available in case they will be deployed for active military service. They are also provided an additional $45 for oil change once they return.

Will they offer the service again?

As of now, USAA still has not advertised any new extended car warranty plans. However, they offer different plans in their website which may be useful for other purposes. These include car insurance, home and renters insurance, and more. All these plans are available for their members.