Axiom extended auto warranty features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 9, 2021

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Vehicle service contracts are plans that you can purchase for you to be reimbursed for future car repairs in case of mechanical breakdown. They are advisable to be bought right after your original car manufacturer warranty expires. The coverage and mileage of these contracts differ for different providers.

Axiom is a vehicle service contract provider based in Missouri. They are known for their modernized vehicle protection plans that currently audit over 30 vehicle service contract programs. 

Vehicle Service Contracts options

Axiom offers vehicle service contracts that include tech sensors and additional components. These differ in terms of years of plan, mileage, and coverage. This is to make sure that customers will pay the best price for their vehicles.

Here are some of their featured plans:

  • VSC High Mileage – These are for vehicles which have travelled a lot and would like further protection especially if their powertrain warranties have already expired. 
  • VSC Wrap – This plan gives protection to the same parts given by a former powertrain warranty that came from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is best purchased by those whose original warranties have just expired as powertrain warranties are usually cheaper.
  • Revolution Ultra Lux VSC – This plan was made for high-end models such as Tesla and McLarens and is available for both pre-owned and new vehicles. This plan has VIP benefits which include rental car/travel reimbursements, emergency roadside assistance, and more.
  • Revolution Technology – This contract covers components that are usually not included in traditional vehicle service contracts. This plan is usually recommended for those who were rejected to pursue a traditional VSC.
  • VSC RV – As the name implies, this plan is for RV’s. It has four levels of coverage along with optional coverages for mobility and commercial purposes.

Based on these options, Axiom has a lot of flexibility in terms of their plans which means that they can accommodate a wide range of customers.

Ancillary Benefits

Aside from the main coverage given by their plans, users can also take advantage of Ancillary Benefits. These include the following:

  • Guaranteed Asset protection – this waives the difference required with the primary insurer’s settlement amount and any outstanding balance on the date of loss.
  • Cosmetic Wheel – This gives additional coverage for any repairs to damage to wheels which include scratches, pinches, etc for up to $1,000.
  • Key Fob – This lessens your chance of having your keys missing which can usually take days to be able to find a solution for.
  • Lease Wear and Tear – This gives additional coverage for any additional charges that may occur after excess wear.
  • Paint and Fabric
  • Roadside Assistance – You can call for their help for any major emergencies while on the road. This is an important feature which will come handy for all.
  • Theft Protection Systems – They can install technology inside your vehicle that can effectively deter thieves, with terms from 1-6 years that come with either $2,000 or $5,000 benefit.
Claiming Process

The claiming process for Axiom is convenient for users. You will only need to take the damaged vehicle to an authorized repair location, obtain authorization, authorize teardown (for some cases), and submit repair orders and documents to an administration. This is an easy process compared to other companies.

For roadside assistance, a customer can call the roadside assistance provider number of Axiom.

Additional technology

Axiom uses COVI technology which stands for Connected Owner Vehicle Intelligence which can be used to gather information about your warranty duration, further information, Axiom products, service history, and more. It is available for mobile phones which enable customers to have push notifications.