Axiom Auto Warranty Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 31, 2021

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When it comes to cars, users can never really be sure that it will always be in peak performance. There is always a chance that an important part of the machine will experience some kind of failure or damage even if it is not the fault of the user. In case your car is past its manufacturer warranty, you will benefit a lot from an extended auto warranty. This is an extension of the warranty that you can buy from a third-party service to ensure that you will be reimbursed in case you need repairs.

Who is Axiom?

Axiom is an extended car warranty service that has been around since 2014. They are based in Missouri. What makes them different from other companies is their abundance of features that you can add to your plan. Aside from the standard compensation for any breakdowns that may happen to different parts of the house, they offer different features that can be specifically for RVs, for the wheels, and more. These can be purchased individually which makes a lot of users compatible with their services. Users can also easily customize these to fit their needs better.

First Impressions on Axiom

The website of Axiom is designed minimally and elegantly which is why many users will instantly be comfortable with it. Here, they will be guided with the philosophy of Axiom which is different from other companies. They are different as they allow users to add different features to their plan to have more accommodations for their specific needs instead of having solid plans that may not always have the best features for the user.

With them, payments are set through an e-commerce platform where they can see their monthly transactions to be able to keep track. Their plans are subscription-styled instead of yearly so that users can freely leave their plans at any time.

They also have a unique interface called the COVI or Connected Owner Vehicle Intelligence which can be accessed through the mobile phone. This offers complete details about the warranty, product protection details, appointments, contract terms, and more. This is an easy way to interact and contact the company and to see the current status of your warranty. Given that most activities are done here nowadays, this makes it a very good choice for modern users and one thing that set Axiom auto warranty apart from the others.

Axiom unique and good features

One of the features that easily stands out for them is their RV-exclusive plans. This makes it an especially good company if you own one as most companies tend to have their plans catered towards midsize cars that are usually used by the average user.

First, they offer a service contract specifically for this car type. This reimburses you for any mechanical breakdowns of the RV. This contract is best purchased after your original car manufacturer plan expires so that you will have less worries about using it. They also offer a lifetime warranty for users which protects their most important components including the transmission and engine which are usually the most expensive to fix and are very vital at the same time.

They also have a lot of additional features to keep the RV at peak performance. First, they offer antimicrobial protection that aims to clean the RV’s interior and exterior. This includes the cargo areas, the vents, the surfaces, and more. This is to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold which lessens the lifetime of RVs.

Next, the tire and the wheels are given additional protection. For this, you will be compensated in case you have a flat tire or if it experiences leaks. This gives protection for this part of the RV damaged due to a hazard in the road.

Next, Axiom offers assistance for the RV specifically for any emergencies on the roadside such as being locked out of the car, having a flat tire, the need for a jumpstart, and the likes which you might experience while travelling faraway. This is something great for peace of mind and one of the best things to look at if you own an RV and are thinking of checking out Axiom auto warranties.

They also offer theft protection with the use of traceable DNA stickers that makes it easier to find your vehicle in case it is stolen. In case the vehicle is lost because of theft or because of an accident, they can also pay for the difference between what is owned from the car as a recreational vehicle and from its purchase cash value.

Lastly, they offer protection for the paint and fabric of the RV to make its quality last. This gives protection against rip and tear and also allows treatment to prevent bacterial growth. They also offer retouching for its paint to keep it presentable.

Standard coverage features

With them, users can purchase a subscription to RoadTitan which acts as a subscription service to offer flexibility to the users. Here, users can select either Light, Medium, or Heavy Duty for their vehicle protection which will depend upon which category their car falls on based on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This will give compensation for any mechanical breakdowns and roadside emergencies.

They also offer a unique feature called Prepaid Maintenance that continuously checks up on your car’s condition and updates it to keep it in compliance with factory warranty terms by frequent oil changes, battery replacements, and the likes. Through this, breakdowns can be avoided, and users can still receive benefits even if it doesn’t break down within the insurance coverage.


Axiom is one of the most ambitious brands we have reviewed, and it works for the most part. With its abundance of features partnered with its flexible contract plans and modern interface, a lot of users looking for more freedom in their plans will love the company. Those looking for a straightforward company, though, may end up too confused with them.


  •         Has a lot of features specified for RV vehicles
  •         Has a modern way for extended warranties
  •         Offers a lot of features that can be tailored to user
  •         Has flexible payment and contractual plans


  •         Abundance of features may confuse new users
  •         Some features are quite redundant