Axiom Auto Warranty Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

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Buying a new ride always comes with these promises: cost-effectiveness, feature-rich, and a warranty to save your expenses. We’re only giving the company an overview – as we want to do a full review on Axiom and focus only on this one service provider. 


About Axiom

The Missouri-based company is the product of different-minded people driven by the same goals. Their objectives are transparent and not trivial – how so? Axiom voices out their no-nonsense aims by delivering the best possible services to their clients without delays.

Throughout its years of unrivaled performance, the company expands from automotive to other customer-centered concerns like home renovations. But let’s not go off-topic, as this review will cover only the automotive side of Axiom. Trust me; it’s one-of-a-kind.

What does Axiom offer in the Automotive Industry?

Modern problems need a modern approach, yes? And there are relatively few to name, and most of them are easy to understand. To know more about Axiom’s services, we’ll walk you right through it.

Revolution Electric Vehicle Service Contract

Not only the standard autos dominate the market, but also electric-powered ones. Of course, they have unconventional components, unlike its counterpart, and Axiom covers any damage as long as it’s on your plan. Going green is the reason some people are using e-powered rides, and Eden Reforestation tagged along with the mission.                                                                       

TrekShield Vehicle Service Contract

Who wants out-of-pocket expenses? You? Me? That’s not what we want. The very existence of TrekShield VSC is to make sure customers with high mileage vehicles cut the price when repairing. It’s independent and can deliver promising results without relying upon car dealer companies.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Better to pop those tires than pop tons of money from your credit card. Just kidding, we don’t want you to experience both. Play safe with this plan which fixes all things wheels: cosmetic scratches, flaking, or rim pinches.

Theft Protection

With the pandemic wreaking havoc worldwide, thieves use it as an opportunity to loot or steal someone’s property. Sure, you’ve locked your car and even set the alarm. But now, as time passes by, improvisation is a thing.

Luckily, Axiom gives you traceable DNA stickers and warning decals you can put on your auto. The generous company also helps in theft-related costs. With this program, you’re one step behind from stopping these petty people who keep tampering with your valuables.

Roadside Assistance

Whether an accident happens, or your engine exploded in the middle of a road trip, Axiom’s roadside assistance is only one call away. This package gives you access to towing, covers any trip interruption, and almost everything you could ask for. In short, the team won’t leave you empty-handed in a deserted place.

Revolution Technology

One of the company’s goals is safety. Everything’s unpredictable, including mechanical failures that may risk your wallet and even life. We can’t afford that to happen.

Revolution Drive (Limited Lifetime Warranty)

Another alternative to other VSCs mentioned above is a limited lifetime warranty with Revolution Drive. It covers the same protection to keep your car going. 

Prepaid Maintenance

Typically, an expiring factory warranty has standards so customers can feel the premium benefits. Nothing matches the warranty by car dealers except the Prepaid Maintenance. You get to change oil and filter, cleans air and cabin filters, battery replacements, and many more.

Payment Promise

Sometimes, we lose a source of income, say a job or two. However, your life isn’t completely screwed with the help of Payment Promise. Got a car and like this plan? You’ll get access to four consecutive payments up to $500/month.

Paintless Dent Repair

Dents and dings have one thing in common: they are annoying. Although the two damages your car in different ways, Axiom removes it for you without worsening the painted surface. Nonetheless, there are tons of chances to witness your flawless auto with this policy.

Paint and Fabric

Even the most expensive cars can be one of the best places to grow molds and bacteria. No, you can’t control their numbers or effects – only remove them. If you’re the type who has no time to clean your interiors and exteriors, this plan is for you.

Key Replacement

With the Tile tracking device partnership, you can now repair or replace car keys or remote. I know you hate losing your keys but what if it’s stolen? Don’t worry. This program got you covered.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

In a nutshell, this program covers the money you need for repair and what your car company has to offer. Asset Protection literally guarantees vehicle maintenance without ruining the performance. Tip: it’s the best choice for theft or accident protection.

Antimicrobial Protection

Have you ever smelled an out-of-this-world odor that you can’t stand? How about discoloration? Axiom cares about its clients’ health. That’s why surfaces, A/C vents, and other areas are treated. Better safe than sorry, they say.

Bundle Protection

Three services, one package. With the Bundle Protection, your car can get Paintless Dent Repair, Cosmetic Wheel Repair, and Tire and Wheel Repair/Replacement. 

Lease Wear and Tear 

As a lessee, it’s your responsibility to cover up any damage while renting it – well, it’s the worst-case scenario. Yet, it would be best if you don’t let your guard down, as you’re most likely to end up shouldering the maintenance. The wear and tear protection for rental cars exists, and you may want to grab it early.

Vehicle Service Contract

Hey, remember to look at the bright side of life even after your factory warranty expires. It’s not the end for your car in case mechanical failures happen. With the VSC, you can save a lot of dollars to keep your ride intact.

Regardless of the model or mileage, anyone can subscribe to the Vehicle Service Contract. However, make sure to have an expired warranty so you can use this great deal.

Why Axiom?

There are other options out there in the market, but why exactly do we recommend Axiom? Behind their actions, these are exciting promises that they bring into reality as early as their career has started:

  • Versatility 

Let me remind you that the company does not focus only on the automotive world. It reminds me of their employees that think out of their comfort zone to solve an issue.


  • Cutting-Edge

If not for modern technology, Axiom won’t deliver quality services at a low cost.


  • Innovative

As new problems arise, new solutions are making a difference. Take, for example, the E-vehicle VSC, quite revolutionary, isn’t it?


  • Fast-Paced

Regardless of the industry, Axiom always makes it to the top by deciding on the next move. And such actions have an incredible customer impact.

Starting your subscription is easy with a few clicks. Head over to their website and select the service/product you like. They’re amazing guys, and as much as I enjoy what they offer, I’m sure you’ll do too.


Axiom offers an exceptional auto warranty extension at a low cost without affecting the performance. Read more to know about the company and its products.