Autopom! Extended Auto Warranty Review

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Autopom! offers a long term extended car warranty with a low-pressure policy and free consultancy experience provided with their free quote option. The company is dedicated to providing you with reliable service for complete protection of your vehicle and the people in the vehicle for a more comfortable journey and reduced costs. With their comprehensive extended warranty plans, you will be able to reduce your costs for future repairs in any unexpected circumstances.

Autopom! is a reliable car insurance company that offers its services since 2009. The company is rated A+ on Better Business Bureau. The BBB rating includes the business’s complaint history, type of business, time in business, transparency, and legal actions. Autopom! has a long transparent tradition and their friendly 24/7 customer support is ready to answer all customers’ complaints and issues.

Three types of extended car warranties AutoPOM offers

Your decision to choose a particular warranty will depend on various factors. First of all, the choice depends on the type of vehicle you own, your desired insurance coverage and mileage. Autpom! offers three types of extended car warranties:

Powertrain warranty – This type of warranty covers some of the basic components in your vehicle, like the engine and transmission. It is intended to protect some of the most expensive parts in your vehicle that are responsible for providing power to your vehicle.

Stated Component Warranty – In these types of warranties, you will usually see the option to add or to remove the components from your list. Of course, the warranty includes some of the basic coverage options, but you can also extend the list or reduce it to your wish and your budget. This warranty is excellent if your vehicle is not qualified for a full coverage policy. These coverage options will be listed in your contract offering different types of coverage options with supplementary benefits.

Exclusionary Warranty - Exclusionary Coverage is viewed as the most significant level of coverage accessible. The Exclusionary coverage consolidates both past levels, Power Train and Stated Component, to say the least. Notwithstanding, it works marginally uniquely in contrast to the levels that go before it. Rather than posting what is secured by an Exclusionary plan, it records what isn't secured.

The explanation that Exclusionary coverage is set up in such a way is on the grounds that it covers such countless parts. To take the time and detail to rattle off every single thing that is secured would take a profane measure of time and length for incalculable pages. So as opposed to taking all these torment marking hours to list everything that this arrangement covers, the comprehensive list will tell you what is covered.

Coverage Plans

Autopom! offers 19 different types of coverage grouped into four different categories:

  1. Exclusionary plans
  2. High-level plans
  3. Mid-level plans
  4. Powertrain Plus plans

The listed categories start with the more extensive listed components and ending up with the basic coverage components.

Exclusionary plans

Exclusionary plans are the most extensive plans offering a warranty repair for all mechanical and electrical segments. On their official site, they made an "exclusionary list" with all the parts that are not secured with these plans, so you can without much of a stretch deal with the offer. The last two plans that cover repair for Canada residents only, have a possibility for Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) too. These plans include six different coverage options:

EFG Ultimate is for the greatest term of 7 years and 150.000 mileages covering most states across the country.

Mercury Ultimate covers the time of the greatest 7 years with a 105.000 mileage in many states across the country.

Royal Ultimate is additionally accessible for most states across the nation with a guarantee of 7 years and 100.000 miles.

Integrity Platinum is a six-year warranty and 125.000 miles and across the nation coverage. This coverage is available in most states nationwide.

Mercury Platinum MBI is just for Canadian residents, with the longest term of 7 years and 100.000 mileages.

Royal Elite Plus MBI is like Integrity Platinum since it offers 6 years, yet for vehicles under the 100.00 miles and it is just accessible in Canada.

High-level plans

High-level plans are in the second group covering some of the major components in your vehicle: engine, transmission, fuel system, braking, seals and gaskets, drive axle, transfer case, and air conditions plus electrical components. These plans are grouped into five categories:

Mercury Deluxe plan is an all-inclusive plan in this category. It covers all the previously mentioned parts together with electric named components and it is accessible most states across the nation.

Royal Premium plan covers all the fundamental segments. In this segment and in the agreement you can include essential additional items for repair, for example, the motor, transmission, electrical parts, air condition, and brakes.  Accessible most states across the nation.

EFG Deluxe plan incorporates significant repair segments listed in the previous plans, in addition to hybrid/electric named components. It is accessible in many states across the country.

Mercury Gold MBI plan covers Mechanical Breakdown Insurance in addition to significant major parts, audio. and hardware components. This plan is covered only in Canada.

Royal Premium MBI plan is likewise accessible just for Canadian residents, with a guarantee for significant segments fix, and furthermore, you additionally have a guarantee for Global Positioning System.

Mid-level plans

Mid-level plans are a combination of basic coverage plans, like Powertrain Plus plans, and exclusionary plans with an option to include several additional component repairs. The main components included in these plans are: engine, transfer case, transmission, drive axle, braking and steering system together with electrical components and air condition. In this category, you can find three coverage options:

Royal Preferred plan with an approval period of one month and 1,000 miles, offers insurance for all the previously mentioned parts, with essential extra alternatives: motor/transmission segments, electrical/steering segments, and system brakes segments. This plan is accessible in many states across the country.

Royal Standard MBI plan covers every significant part repair, together with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance with extra inclusion of front and back suspension. In the agreement, you can find a named-component list with included components in this plan, together with a list of possible add-on components.  This plan is accessible in Canada.

Mercury Silver MBI plan covers three major important parts in your vehicle: suspension system, cooling system, and fuel system. With this plan, you will have coverage for wheel bearings, control valve, power steering pump, rack assembly, water pump, radiator fan pump, fuel tank, and pump, fuel pressure regulator, accelerator pedal, and some more.

Powertrain plans

Powertrain Plus plans are the lowest level of coverage, but these plans cover some of the essential vehicle parts that don’t come cheap. That is the reason why many users are choosing these types of warranty, even if it’s not the all-inclusive one. These plans include coverage of:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Axels
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Transfer Case
  • Air condition
  • Basic electrical repair

Five coverage options are included in this plan:

Royal Centennial plan is a guarantee for every significant segment with an additional charge for seals and gaskets. It is accessible in many states across the country.

EFG Powertrain Choice plan offers some additional components, like the air-conditioning repair and fuel named components that are not previously included in the Royal Centennial plan. 

Mercury Select plan is for vehicles no more than 14 years old. The braking and cooling systems are additional components that are included in this plan. It very well may be bought for most states across the country.

Integrity Gold plan is available for most states nationwide. Together with all the components listed in the previous categories, it has a cooling and braking system named components repair coverage.

Mercury Copper MBI plan is available for the vehicles not older than 14 years with no restricted mileage. Cooling and braking system coverage is included together with the listed components in the above-mentioned categories. This plan is available only for Canadian residents and offers a Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

For any warranty you choose, there is a Vehicle Plan termination which is estimated in time or mileage from the buy date and odometer mileage. The coverage starts 30 days from the purchase date and 1,000 miles from the present odometer mileage.

Autopom! features

Autopom! offers several convenient features included with any coverage plan you choose. These features can be really helpful and can benefit your budget, safety, and your time. The main features are:

  • You can choose your own repair shop
  • Rental Vehicle Assistance
  • Affordable Payment Plans
  • 60 days Money-back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Autopom! is a trusted company with an A+ BBB rating offering a wide range of different and comprehensive coverage options to satisfy the budget of all its users. Considering that they are focused on drivers’ safety, providing them with the necessary support in a variety of unforeseen circumstances, we consider them an excellent service on the market.

When we did a review of AutoPOM we found that they were the best auto warranty providers available today. Their packages, prices, and customer support were the best we have ever encountered. We suggest taking a look at them if you are in the market for extended auto warranty.