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Assurant Solutions – Extended Vehicle Protection

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated August 13, 2021

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An extended car warranty provides coverage for any future mechanical breakdowns of a vehicle. They can be availed alongside the standard factory warranty that comes with every new car or after the duration of the latter. It covers any payments incurred during a specific time frame written in a contract. If you are ever worried about the possibility of a issue with your car coming at a bad time, we suggest you see if one of these types of plans might alleviate your stress!

Advantages of an Extended Vehicle Protection

Once your factory warranty ends its coverage, you may always be at risk financially because a car accident can happen any time. With the help of an extended vehicle protection service, you will always be guaranteed that your car parts are insured and will be paid for. This lessens the stress of drivers and allows them to manage their expenses properly. After all, accidents on the road are not totally avoidable and damage to your car is inevitable in the long run.

Assurant is a provider of extended vehicle protection contracts. They provide an array of vehicle service contracts that are industry-leading. They cater to both new and pre-owned vehicles. The contracts can also be customized depending on the specific need of the customer. Besides this, their service contracts are supported by claims handling compliance, marketing, and customer service. They cater to any business model or size of a car.


The amount of coverage for which the car will be covered depends upon the contract you choose. The difference between each of these are the miles covered and the parts that will be insured. Assurant has five contract choices including:

  • Platinum Plan– This covers vehicles with 150,000 miles and fewer.
  • Gold Plan– This covers vehicles with 180,000 miles and fewer.
  • Silver– This covers vehicles with 200,000 miles and fewer.
  • Powertrain– This covers vehicles with 150,000 miles and fewer.
  • Engine– This cover vehicles with 150,000 miles and fewer.

The advantage of choosing Assurant Solutions is that their coverage options are competitive compared to other companies. Their plans are flexible and can be customized depending on miles covered or parts to be insured. They also include ancillary benefits with all the coverages. Processing and simple claims administration are also added.


The following are the features of Assurant Solutions Extended Vehicle Protection

  1. Nation-wide coverage– Each of the plans provided by Assurant can be accessed nation-wide. This is a benefit for those who are always travelling for work or other reasons.
  2. Flexible payment- In case the repairs needed for the car cannot be made by the selling dealer, you can direct the payment to an alternate repair center.
  3. Toll-free customer service- Assurant has a toll-free customer assistance that makes phone calls to their end free.
  4. Flexible plans– The payment terms for the contracts are flexible.
  5. Rental reimbursement– If you use your vehicle for a living and you require a rental car in the meantime, Assurant provides rental reimbursement. You can also be reimbursed for travel-expenses. The latter is not available for New York, though.
  6. Transferrable and Cancelable– The plans can always be transferred to another account and can also be cancelled.