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What is

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 4, 2021

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Restoro is a popular system optimizer application that aims to improve the performance of the computer. The application can be downloaded through their website. From here, users can look at the capabilities of the application which is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Here, users can also see the benefits of the application, its pricing plans, and support. The website also contains the installer of the application along with a portal for purchasing a license in case users wants to get full access to its features. 

Is it safe?

Restoro’s website is totally safe to visit and does not contain any viruses. This also applies to its applications. 

Some people may not want to trust system optimizers mainly because of the advertising tactics that most applications use online. This may include the frequent pop-up ads that appear randomly, spam e-mails, and plastering their brands over websites.  Aside from this, there are also applications that claim to be system optimizers but are only fake ones that do nothing to improve the PC’s speeds. There are also those that are simply viruses or malware that may even cause the computer to be slower than ever.

Capabilities of Restoro

Restoro is a system optimizer that is capable of improving the performance of the computer. It stays true to its advertisements with its countless features and the technology that it employs for making the PC return to peak performance. Once installed, Restoro will first do a full scan of the computer to look for any issues. These issues can be for the software, hardware, and the security of the computer. After this, the application will give the user a comprehensive list of these for them to know what is causing its slow performance. 

If the application is fully licensed, users will be able to use all of its features.


For starters, the application looks at the condition of the hardware. From here, they can see the current specifications of their computer, its temperature, its full storage size, and its remaining size. While Restoro cannot fix issues in relation to this, it can still advise users if their hardware can no longer handle the amount of activity that the user does. To fix this, they can either update or replace their hardware or optimize the applications they have installed to ensure that the PC can catch up.


Restoro’s main focus for optimizations is the software of the computer. Currently, they have an online database that contains millions of files which they can use to either replace or repair the corrupted files of the user’s computer with. These are genuine Microsoft files which Restoro uses to ensure that the operating system of the PC will be repaired. Aside from this, Restoro can also repair corrupted entries within the registry which is important to ensure that the installed applications will not frequently crash. Lastly, Restoro ensures that the user will receive less Windows errors by ensuring that the system is always optimized.


Viruses and malware can cause the computer to be slower than ever. Some may corrupt or delete the files of the user. Some may even turn it into a bitcoin-mining computer which may render it totally unusable. This is why it is useful to install an antivirus application which can scan and delete these from the computer.

While Restoro is not an antivirus application, it can help users recover after a virus attack. This is necessary as most computers suffer from corrupted software entries after an attack like this which is why it is important to run a system optimizing application after it.

What can you expect after running Restoro?

Restoro’s main purpose is to lessen the number of errors of the computer. After running the application, the first thing a user can expect is a faster computer performance. There will be less lags and screen freezing. Aside from this, applications that have been prone to crashing before will be more stable. Users can also expect less Windows error pop-ups. Lastly, if they have recently been a victim of a virus and a malware, Restoro can help them return the PC back to its usual speed.

Purchasing a full license

Restoro can be downloaded for free from their website. This free version enables users to do a full scan of the computer and report about the issues that may be causing it to be slower. However, users can only get full access to its features by purchasing a full license which makes it more recommendable.