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The most popular psychic readings today and what they mean

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated June 2, 2020

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If you seek for guidance other than in your priest’s or therapist’s office or if you simply want to try something new just for entertaining, you might want to give a try to psychic readings.

There are a lot of available readings for you to try and we’re going to give you the most common ones:

  • Astrology remains one of the most popular form of psychic reading. It is more complex than simply having your horoscope read for you. Your sign is the key element here. Using your date and time of birth you’ll have a chart drawn for you and you’ll be told what kind of energies you were born with, predictions about your life will be made, planets alignment on that certain date will be analyzed and interpreted and more
  • Cartomancy is a form of psychic reading through deck of cards. Every card has a specific meaning and there are various card spreads used to determine aspects of your life, in the present or the future. A special form of cartomancy are Tarot readings, based on Tarot cards. There are a myriad of Tarot decks available and just as many tarot spreads. There are 78 cards in a deck and they are spread in various layouts. New Age shops are packed with Tarot cards and they are used to answer to any kind of question related to individuals’ life
  • Mediumship readings. Are usually used by individuals who lost someone dear and wants to connect and communicate with them. Mediums supposedly facilitate this process through their abilities and energies and connect with those who crossed over. Sessions are held either in private or in groups
  • As the name suggests it, this is a type of reading based on interpreting numbers and the way they influence someone’s life. Numbers are obtained by using the birth name of the individual, the birthdate, etc. Numerologists claim that they can even reveal the future of an individual using numbers
  • Crystal Ball readings. While they are mocked a lot in Hollywood movies nowadays, crystal balls are still a thing when it comes to psychic readings. They use a specific object: yes, you got it, a crystal ball! The reader will use the crystal ball to see images related to the individual’s life and even visions from their future
  • Clairvoyant readings. The translation of ‘clairvoyance’ is clear seeing. The reader sees images and visions about the individual’s life, he is able to see his past, present and future. There’s also clairaudience, which is clear hearing and in this case, the reader receives his information about the individual’s life through sounds
  • Aura readings. Each person has his personal aura, which is an energy field that surrounds your body and can be interpreted by the reader. Psychics who can read your aura can also help you overcome certain energy blocks, clean your aura of negative feelings and help you grow emotionally/spiritually, overcome obstacles or stop failing at certain things. Your aura can reveal information about your memories, your thoughts and your entire personality.