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Keen Overview – Should you consider this psychic service?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated January 29, 2020

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It might be hard for some people to understand how psychic services are still a thing in 2019. But not only are they still available, but they are also a very thriving industry. Most of them have even aligned themselves with the trend and are now available over the internet, just like any reputable service, so you no longer have to go for a reading in person. You just access the service from your computer or even your phone.

There are several reasons why people still seek the advice of psychics: some may just do it simply for the entertainment or out of boredom, others from superstition or out of the sheer believe that someone gifted can guide them and offer them valuable information they can’t obtain otherwise. The reasons are not even that important. What’s important to know is that online psychic services nowadays offer a wide range of services/readings: cleromancy (through dices, stones and so on), numerology, Tarot readings, palm readings, astrological, cartomancy, dream interpretation, distant readings through remote perception and others.

Some factors to consider when choosing a psychic service:

  • Compare the pricing from several psychic services to choose the best deal
  • Aim for a service that offers discounts, especially for the first reading/s
  • Look for a service that offers a money back guarantee; not only is that a fair thing to do, but it also conveys trust-worthiness
  • Do some research on the customer service of the company you choose;
  • Browse through the offer of the psychic service and make sure there are as many features included as possible: newsletters, customized horoscopes, articles on psychic related topics, make sure the website is well organized and there are several filtering options and categories of services available, etc.
  • Make some research on the psychics who collaborate with the company and see how thorough their screening process is
  • See how the psychics are rated and what kind of feedback they have from customers

Keen Psychic full review – Is it a good psychic service to consider?

Keen is a very experienced online psychic service that has been on the market for 20 years. It is one of the oldest services in the industry. The company was acquired a few years ago by AT&T.

Keen offers a complex palette of psychic services. There are 6 big categories of services displayed on their website (psychic readings, love and relationships, life questions, tarot readings, spiritual readings and psychic mediums) but their offer is way more extensive than that. They also offer:

  • astrology services (including Vedic, Mayan, Chinese astrology)
  • numerology
  • pet psychics
  • chakra cleansing
  • dream interpretation
  • feng shui and more

There are approximately 2,000 readers in Keen’s network, each with their specific type of divinations, available services and ratings.

How much does Keen cost?

Keen doesn’t have fixed prices, the price varies from reader to reader, depending on their rating and the type of reading you want. However, regardless of the reader you opt for, Keen offers the first 3 minutes for free.

Keen’s prices start at approximately $1.99 per minute, for average, less popular readers and go as high as $30 per minute for their top-rated psychics.

Keen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can claim it in the first 72 yours from your unsatisfactory reading. If you do so, you are entitled to free credit that you can use on your next reading.

How to use Keen

Keen’s readers have very comprehensive profiles. When you click on a reader, you’ll find pretty much all the information you need about them:

  • their name or alias
  • their picture
  • when did they become a reader
  • how many readings they’ve performed so far
  • their rating (star rated from 1 to 5 stars)
  • their quote
  • their bio/a description
  • comments from users who’ve used the psychic
  • how you can contact them (via phone – you see their extension displayed below their name, via live chat or email)

So, as you can see, Keen’s readers are quite transparent and you can browse through all of them looking for the one that seems fit for you. After you find a psychic you like, you contact him and if they are not available right away, you can leave a request to be contacted back once they see your message.

Keen also gives you the option to schedule a reading anytime you want, because this is a 24/7 service so there are available psychics at any hour of the day.

In terms of security and privacy, Keen uses SSL encryption and is very cautious when it comes to respecting its customers’ privacy. Your personal details won’t be disclosed and your identity will remain protected.

Keen can be used straight from your smartphone, too, because they have mobile apps compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

As a conclusion, we have to say that Keen is a reputable and an experienced psychic service, reliable and transparent. As for the drawbacks, we have to mention their pricing, as there are cheaper competitors on the market.