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Who is Trustfax and what are their features?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 4, 2021

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The 2010s is undoubtedly the digital age of humankind. Countless digital innovations and breakthroughs have happened since the dawn of the decade. Some new digital inventions, such as social media, have brought about multiple changes in how we go about our daily life. 


While other conventional technologies, such as TV, telephone, and multiple others, have been digitized as well. One of those relics of the past that has been reborn in a new and modern way is faxing. When you think about faxing, what immediately comes to mind is the bulky devices and terrible printing noise. 

But not anymore. There has been a continuous improvement in the technology called digital faxing for more than a decade now and it has become way better than ever before. And TrustFax is one of the leading brands behind this exciting development.

Who is Trustfax?

TrustFax is a digital online faxing solution that could effectively fulfill all of your conventional faxing needs and give you much more useful and modern features while at it. It is an online-based service, which means you could virtually access it from every corner of the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection and a web browser. 

TrustFax was published by a company called Commodo Communications, Inc, a subsidiary of Commodo Cybersecurity, for a long time until the services were eventually acquired by J2 Global, Inc. Along with TrustFax, J2 Global also has several other online digital faxing solutions under its belt, including MyFax, eFax, Sfax, and several others. 

Trustfax features

As mentioned above, TrustFax is an online faxing service, which means it doesn't require any specific device like a traditional fax machine or any particular software that you need to install. Instead, a decent computer with a browser and internet connection is all it needs. 

That being said, TrustFax also offers the ability to have your own personal toll-free local numbers from all over the USA and Canada.  These numbers can also be used to send a fax internationally. In addition to that, you could also use email to send and receive faxes. With this feature, you could send a document from your email to a fax machine and vice versa. 

The documents that you wanted to send could also be digitally signed and converted to a pdf document. TrustFax provided unlimited online storage for your documents that you could access whenever you want. These features allowed for a seamless workflow between sending and receiving digital or printed documents. 

What's more, when you log in to the TrustFax online dashboard, you could also access the address book where you can quickly grab the contact information whenever you need to send something, just like an email. And you also could take a look into your send and received history in case you forgot which documents went to whom and when. 

Benefits of Trustfax

The main benefit of using TrustFax is of course the flexibility. With TrustFax, you are now no longer tied to any particular devices or even places. You could receive faxes even if you are physically away from your office. And you could also send important documents to any fax machines, locally or internationally, from the comfort of your home. 

Another benefit is the fact that TrustFax is so easy to use. When you consider such tremendous capabilities offered by TrustFax, you would be surprised at how little learning you would need to use it. The dashboard was designed to be intuitive, easy to navigate, and even great to look at. 

What makes everything even better is the pricing plans of TrustFax. TrustFax offered both a monthly and an annual pricing. The monthly cost is $12.99 per month, while the annual plan is $129.90 per year, which makes it around $10.83 per month. On top of that, TrustFax also offers a 30-day free trial program.


Advancement in technology is meant to both create new solutions and improve the existing ones. This digital online faxing is the proof of that statement. It both improved and added new features to the old technology. It makes faxing relevant again in this digital day and age. 

As one of the leading names in this field, TrustFax is everything you need and more. As you could already see above, TrustFax offers some of the most essential and convenient features that are not only beneficial for your work life but personal life as well. So you should definitely give TrustFax a try.