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Which is the best free internet fax service to consider?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 20, 2020

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Internet faxing is a necessity in many offices around the world. It is useful for sending legal documents and important papers and it brings a lot of benefits to the table, compared to traditional faxing. Traditional faxing is expensive, requires a lot of additional purchases (paper, ink and toner, etc.) and it is high maintenance. Fax machines are often moody and don’t always work flawlessly.

Sending an online fax is as easy as sending an email and the process is pretty much similar. Internet faxing doesn’t necessarily require a fax machine in order to work and you can even send faxes from your mobile device. It is a flexible technology that lets you send/receive online faxes from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Online faxing is also environmentally-friendly because it is a paperless technology so you get to save trees from getting cut for paper production.

Not to mention all the space fax machines take up in offices. We all know most fax machines are quite bulky. You also have to store paper, folders with all the faxes you received/sent and so on.

How do online fax services work?

If you want to be able to send/receive faxes over the internet, you have to use a specialized online fax service. These services can be free or paid. Once you’ve signed up for an online fax service, you will receive a fax number from your fax service provider (local number, toll-free number, etc).

Most online fax services allow you to send faxes with or without a fax machine, so if you still have a fax machine you want to use, that is still an option.

As far as sending a fax goes, it is as easy as sending as email to someone. You open your email account and create a new e-mail. You attach the document you want to fax and you type in the recipient’s fax number, followed by the name of the fax service. The last thing you have to do is hit the ‘send’ key and that’s all there is to it.

All reputable internet fax services support most of the common file formats: doc, PDF, txt, rtf, jpeg, png, TIFF and many more. They also have support for all the common browsers, from Chrome to Safari, Firefox and so on.

Which is the best FREE internet fax service to consider?

As we’ve already mentioned it, online fax services can be paid or free. The paid ones are subscription-based, meaning you have to sign up for a plan and pay a monthly fee, depending on the plan you opt for. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, you are entitled to sending/receiving a certain number of fax pages per month.

There is also the option to go with a free online fax service. Some providers offer a free plan as well and there are some services out there that only offer free faxing. The problem with these free services is that you are usually limited in the number of pages you can send/receive. In some cases, you only get as much as 5 pages and that’s it (and that is not on a monthly basis!).

However, if you only need to fax something once, a free online fax service might be enough for you.


One of the best free, online fax services you can try is GotFreeFax. This service allows you to send 2 documents/day. The documents have a limit of max. 3 pages per document.

The faxes are free for the entire US and Canada.

You can upload doc, PDF and JPG files.

One of the best things about GotFreeFax is that it doesn’t come with annoying ads and it doesn’t put its brand on your faxes.

Other free services to consider are FaxZero, HelloFax.