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What is Trustfax and what are its features?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

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Online faxing is an especially important tool in today’s pandemic set-up. This allows users to exchange documents safely and with high-quality no matter where they are. These services allow this to be done with only your mobile phone or tablet with connection to the internet. Here, you can encrypt it safely and store them in a private cloud storage where it can be accessed only by those you trust. Such convenience makes it a must-have in most offices.

What is Trustfax?

TrustFax is a premier brand owned by j2 Global Communications. It stands out among its competitors because of its high quality of features partnered with good package deals. The brand is always among the most recommended ones for companies.

Trustfax features

As stated above, they are one of the most expensive brands. With them, users can purchase 300 pages for $10 a month which, in comparison to the included pages of other brands, is expensive. However, the brand makes up for this with the features that they offer.

First, they have a very convenient digital signature tool that allows you to simply stamp it to the documents that you will be sending out for more convenience. This can also be resized every time to fit the documents’ needs.

Next, the service is offered for a maximum of 30 days for free. During this period, you can freely change, use its different features and decide whether it is for you.

Users can also get access to their unlimited online fax storage which removes the fear of having to regularly buy for more gigabytes of data unlike other companies. You can also send your faxes to an unlimited number of recipients which makes promotional emailing easier. Receiving faxes is only limited to 6 email addresses, though.

The security of the application is also ensured with its use of the safely encrypted cloud storage. This ensures that only those approved can view your files.

Trustfax interface

TrustFax uses a very simple interface that clearly displays the different features of the application. With this, users can easily send and receive faxes. Putting emails and organizing them is also very simple and easy to do which makes it friendly for beginner users. With the application, you can send up to five documents at once. The application uses a modern interface that keeps up with the latest application designs.

TrustFax can also be connected to Microsoft Outlook which makes creating your emails easier. This removes the need to constantly shift between two interfaces just to be able to attach a document. This also makes everything more organized and secure.

Trustfax quality of faxes

TrustFax is especially known for their good quality of scanning which makes their high prices worthwhile. With their scans, users can easily read intricate details which will be sent with high quality to the recipient. This makes it very worthwhile.

International faxing with Trustfax

TrustFax also allows you to send faxes in countries outside the USA and Canada which comes with a standard fee. Their fees for these vary but are generally not that high because of their already expensive baseline pricing. We also did not experience any delays when using this feature.

Trustfax customer support

For customer support, the application offers excellent email support which can be contacted 24/7. They also have a toll-free telephone system which can be contacted during office hours. Upon testing, we found their representatives to be courteous and knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of the app. They also have an FAQ available on their website where information about the basic features about the application is shown. They also have a glossary of terms.