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What is the best online faxing service for you?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 11, 2020

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Nowadays, almost all offices have internet and computers available. This allows the use of office applications that can maximize convenience and allow a faster working pace. One part of the office, though, that still isn’t constant with all is the use of faxing machines. Traditional ones have always been a staple for sending and receiving documents. With the use of e-mail for sending messages, the role of these machines has been minimized while still having a lot of maintenance requirement such as ink levels and others. Because of this, online faxing has been used as an alternative.


What is online faxing?

With online faxing, users can expect integration to office applications which allows faster faxing. Aside from this, it also comes with multiple features such as digital signatures, cloud integration, and encryption for your faxes which can lessen your workload and improve the security of your files. In choosing an online fax, users should have criteria that will depend upon their most needed features. After all, they are all similar in functionality but has differences in terms of the quality of faxing, their interfaces, their pricing plans, and more. We have reviewed the best online faxing services and have arranged them based on their most recommended features.


Ringcentral - our top choice.

RingCentral is a company known for giving high-quality office communication services. Aside from its often-praised VoIP services, they also have a very recommendable faxing service. The service is known first for the abundance of pages included per month that makes it an affordable choice. Aside from this, they also have a plan called Fax + Phone + Video which allows access to their VoIP services. This gives a complete package for communication for offices who may need all of these services.

The service is very accommodating for newer users, often giving advices and tips in transitioning online. Aside from this, they also give options to use a local, vanity, or toll-free number. The service also has both a mobile and a desktop interface which maximizes convenience for its users. Its interface is also arranged properly, with both VoIP tools and faxing tools integrated with each other. However, some may find this confusing if they are not currently subscribed to the VoIP services of RingCentral.

Overall, what makes the service stand out is the ease of faxing with its application and its affordable pricing for office needs.

HelloFax – The best pricing

If you are looking for a way to send a fax for free, HelloFax is the service for you. The company is known to allow users to send five faxes for free. However, this is only available once a month, with users also not being able to receive faxes. Aside from this, the company is also known for giving low prices for its plans. Lastly, they also provide affordable faxing plans for those who will send and receive internationally especially for those who will be sending in European countries.

Aside from this, HelloFax also has a very helpful digital signature feature. This allows you to save your signature online and attach it to your documents later. This removes the need to print the documents and to sign them manually. Another useful feature is the integration of the service with Google, with users using their Gmail credentials for using the service. This allows integrations of Google applications such as Drive and more.

Overall, HelloFax is one of the very few services which offer free faxing which is why it is an instant recommend for some. It is also a good option for those looking for affordable prices.

TrustFax – Ease of usage

TrustFax is one of the more high-priced services, offering rates of $10 for only 300 pages per month. They are owned by j2 Global Communications. This is quite expensive in comparison with others. However, the service makes up for this with their premier features and tools which is very streamlined and easy to use compared to others. From sending, receiving, and maintaining your faxes, their interface is designed to be used even by amateur users. They also have a very responsive and helpful customer support that can be reached through phone and through e-mail. They offer local faxing numbers for up to 50 states.

The service also offers a trial period of 30 days where users can check out its features to see if it is a good fit for them. Aside from this, their online storage for faxes is unlimited which allows offices to save more on their cloud storage expenses. Users can also send their faxes to an unlimited number of contacts. They can also receive faxes for up to 6 email addresses.

Overall, TrustFax manages to prove that they are worthy of their expensive pricing plans. However, not all offices may have the luxury for it.

Sfax – The best security

Sfax is a service that is formerly dedicated only for healthcare providers but have now expanded their services to include any business. Because of their former target market, they are one of the few which are considered HIPAA-compliant. This means that they give absolute privacy for the documents that are handled through their service which is a requirement in general for healthcare providers. With their service, other businesses can have the same amount of security which maybe ideal for some. However, the service is also known for having premier prices which may not be friendly for all offices. They also have a shorter free trial compared to other services, lasting only for 14 days.

The specifics of the security that it provides include the following: military grade encryption, IP restricted accessibility, and user-needed authentication. This ensures that the documents will always be kept secure.

Aside from the mentioned security, Sfax also has a good digital signature feature that comes with annotation. With their services, users can also store unlimited faxes within their cloud storage.

Overall, Sfax is recommended for those looking for utmost security and privacy for their e-mails. It is quite pricey, though.


MyFax – A mid-tier choice with affordable pricing

MyFax is the best option for those without much budget and are satisfied with a couple of important features. With them, users can expect a lot of available incoming and outgoing pages for each month. They offer discounts in case you would like to purchase a subscription for a whole year. The service also has a very user-friendly user interface where users can send and receive faxes easily. Users can get local numbers for up to 50 states with MyFax along with Washington D.C.

Another useful feature with MyFax is that it allows users to be able to get a preview of their fax before sending it. This allows them to see if there is any error with the document. While very helpful, this is actually a rare feature for online faxing services in general which makes it more impressive. Users can also send their faxes for up to 50 recipients. The maximum limit for sending faxes is up to 8 documents which is more than enough.

Overall, MyFax is the affordable choice that still has a couple of features that make it a worthwhile buy. Its preview tool and its easy interface easily make it recommendable.

What is the best option for you?

The faxing services are all arranged based on their highlights, with users recommended to choose one that fits their needs the most. Out of all of this, though, RingCentral Fax is the most recommended option because it is a perfect balance of features, security, and affordable pricing. It is recommended for both home offices and enterprises. In case you have specific needs such as free faxing, more affordable pricing, and specific features, you may want to check the other recommendations.