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What is online faxing and how do you use it?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

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Faxing has long been a part of offices all around the globe. With it, sharing documents is made easier with the use of telephone wires after scanning the papers. To do this, bulky fax machines are bought, connected to the local line of the office, and regularly maintained to be functional. With all of this to think about, many businesses have long complained about these machines. They easily run out of ink, are prone to issues, and generally take too much space. Because of this, online faxing is now a more recommended alternative for all offices.

What is online faxing?

Considering how there are less offices nowadays which have traditional telephone lines, especially for home offices, faxing is just too hard to purchase and to maintain. Online faxes are the direct alternative for this. This is a technology that allows the whole process to be done using a computer or a mobile phone that is connected to the internet. With this, users can simply scan the paper and then send them through the online faxing interface. The best part is that this can be sent for both users which also use online faxing interfaces and those which still use the traditional method. This means that all offices can still receive and send faxes with those who use online faxes.

What is online faxing?

It works similar to e-mailing, except that it is more fitted towards faxing documents. Because of this, scanning documents with high resolutions is easy, there are a lot of features that can improve the whole communication process, and the whole process is faster because of internet connectivity. After scanning the document, the user will then send this to a single or a group of recipients. The document is encrypted while it travels online to avoid it from being intercepted and is readable again once it is received by the right recipient.

What are the advantages of online faxing?

There are a lot of advantages with this technology. This is mainly made possible with its use of the internet and computers.


This is the main advantage of online faxing. With it, there is no need to pay a huge upfront payment by buying a big faxing machine. There is also no need to regularly fix it whenever it has issues and no need to replace its ink cartridges. With online faxing, users can send faxes with just a single click of the camera and selecting its recipient. It can even be done out of the office with the use of your mobile phone. Almost all offices nowadays also have internet connections while some may not have a traditional telephone connection at all. This means that many offices can use this technology.

Additional features

Aside from being convenient, using an online faxing can also enhance the quality of your faxing. With its integration to computers and the internet, features are added easily. The following are some of the examples of popular features among different companies:

1) Digital Signatures – In the old faxing set-up, users may still need to print, sign, and then scan the document in order to sign it. This is a great hassle because of the need for paper, ink, and time. With online faxing, users can simply save their signature inside the database. This can then be signed unto the different documents that you will receive or will send easily. Your signature will also be kept secure in their database and will not be vulnerable to hackers. This is an important tool that ensures that your personal information will not be stolen by anybody.

2) Security and encryption – Because this type of sending information needs to be done over the internet, it may be more vulnerable against hackers and third-party interceptors. This may make it hard to trust for those with very confidential papers such as medical and legal offices. Because of this, some online faxing companies have HIPAA certifications to prove that they are very secure to use. They also come with improved security protocols and encryption systems to ensure that they will not be opened by any hackers. Before purchasing an online faxing service, this should be one of your priorities.

3) Convenient group sharing – With online faxing, sending faxes does not need to be one by one especially if you plan to send to a group of people. Simply insert all of their e-mail in the recipient tab and click send to send group faxes. This makes it very easy to send out multiple faxes.

4) Varied document files – If you are very particular about file types and image quality, online faxes have you covered with its compatibility with various types such as PDF, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and more which makes it easy to send documents to any computer. This also ensures that data saving compression will be saved in the faxing process.

Flexible pricing plans

With online faxing, companies offer a lot of variations when it comes to pricing plans. Some may have plans specifically tailored for small, mid-tier, or large companies. For corporations, they can even have specific plans made for them in case a lot of faxes are needed. Typically, the prices depend upon the number of pages allotted per company. Some may also ask for additional payments in case you need toll-free numbers or if you need to incorporate your old faxing numbers into their system.


Online faxing is a must-have nowadays if sending documents back and forth is needed for your company. It is very convenient, modern, and flexible to your budget. Before purchasing one, ensure that the pricing plan is fit for your page needs, the company has a good set of features to provide, and offers high-quality faxing results.