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What is an online fax service?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 24, 2021

Sending a fax online


Faxing has come a long way. From the old, bulky, and telephone-based fax machines, online faxing services  are now the option for many offices. After all, it is largely more convenient and suited to today’s office set-up. It can be used with only a scanner and internet connection. It can also be linked to your mobile phone and integrated with your email service. Even better, it can be used to send and receive faxes to and from traditional fax machines which makes it still viable even for communication with offices with traditional machines.

How does online faxing work?

It works very similarly with traditional machines except that you won’t need to purchase a fax machine. Simply scan the document, specify the recipient/s, and you’re all set. You can also select whether to contact them by e-mail or through their faxing numbers. With these, you can send to multiple people with only a couple of clicks. These, partnered with the high resolution available when sending through the internet, can make the whole process have better results and a faster process.

Why should you get rid of your old fax machine and go online with faxing?

One of the best benefits of this service is the lack of the need for a faxing machine. These are notorious for being very bulky and taking much of the space in the office. These can also easily have issues. These also require a telephone line which some small companies do not install anymore. These also need to have their ink cartridges always maintained in order to print properly. With online faxing, users can simply view their document through their gadget of choice, saving up on paper and ink through this. These can also come in a variety of file types such PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and more.

Next, these services also come with a lot of features that can enhance the whole faxing process.

First is the digital signature tool. Instead of having to print out, sign, and then scan the document again just to put a signature, users can simply save their signature in the application’s database. Through this, they can simply attach it to any document that they wish to be signed. They do not need to worry about it being leaked as online faxing has a lot of security protocols to keep private information secure. This feature should always be one that many users will look for.

Next, users can expect top security from these services. Because it will be handling important office documents, these applications can come with a HIPAA certification required by medical offices and some legal offices which ensure that the documents will be kept private as required by law. This is made possible with the use of premier encryption in their website and proper authorization when it comes to handling the documents. In some cases, online faxing may just be better for ensuring the documents’ privacy as it can ensure that only the recipients will be able to read the documents through their device instead of having a physical copy that anyone can view.

Online faxing also allows a better process for sending their faxes. With it, storing faxes in a secure database is ensured through a very simple interface. This can also be linked with a cloud storage of your choice such as DropBox, Google Drive, and more. The documents can also be sent to multiple contacts with just a couple of clicks. Some services also allow you to view the document that you will be sending first to check any issues. Some also allow you to put comments, highlights, and the likes.

Next, online faxing allows users to connect to existing applications of the office. Some allow you to connect the service to Google Office in order to link the already-existing accounts to the service. Some can also be connected to Microsoft Office and similar applications to make sending, receiving, and viewing applications easier.

What you need to know before changing to online faxing

 In case you formerly used a traditional faxing set-up, transitioning to them is easy. Some companies allow you to use your old faxing numbers for free. With them, you can create local or toll-free numbers to make you more accessible.

Factors to consider before subscribing to an online fax service

There are a lot of online faxing companies available online. Before purchasing a subscription to one, the following factors should be reviewed:

  • The features should be reviewed to see if the service is well-suited to your company’s specific needs. Examples of important features are digital signature tools, multiple file formats, HIPAA compliance, and more.
  • It is also better for the service to have an easy transition process. Incorporating your old faxing number to the new service should also be possible. In case you are not fond of their service, they should also have friendly money-back guarantees.
  • Users should also look for a good balance of per-page price depending on their company’s needs.