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What features should you look for in an online faxing service?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 24, 2021

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Sending and receiving documents via fax has been a common part of every office. It is important for all, regardless of size. Traditionally, it has been with the use of the large and bulky faxing machine that is connected to the landline service. Nowadays, however, some smaller offices that are home-based may not have access to this. Aside from this, some also complain about the bulkiness, high maintenance costs, and outdated tools available with this. Because of this, online faxing has lately been a trend.

What is online faxing?

Online faxing allows users to fax documents using their computer. They can scan documents either through a scanner or a mobile phone, transfer it to their service’s application, and then send it to the recipient. They can even send it to a traditional faxing machine or to another recipient using an online faxing service. This service is offered by a lot of companies, each with their own offered page numbers, features, and quality of faxing which is why it is important to choose the best service for you.

Why is online faxing good?

There are a lot of advantages with online faxing services. The best one is the fact that many offices already have the infrastructure for the service. This is because it only requires a computer, a scanner (can be in the form of a mobile phone), and internet connectivity to function which many offices both small and big already have. Being online, it also has a lot of features that it can access which will be thoroughly explained later in the article.

This service also tends to be more affordable in the long run and a better investment compared to purchasing a faxing machine that you have to regularly maintain. Lastly, the service can help you save a lot by reducing paper and ink to be used.

Drawbacks of online faxing

Considering the average office set-up, there really aren't many disadvantages with the services. The only way it can be one is if you currently do not have a separate printer or a reliable device for scanning the documents. For the latter, keep in mind that you can even use a smartphone with a good camera to be able to scan documents which makes online faxing more convenient for almost anyone.

Features to look for in an online fax service

Integration to office applications

Being connected to the internet, the service can naturally be connected to office applications. Through this, you can have instant connection to Google and Microsoft Office applications. This also allows you to connect the service to a cloud storage so that you can maximize the storage allowance that you’ve bought. With this, documents can easily be processed for editing and processing using office applications.

Some services also allow you to connect your current office application credentials to use their services which makes it easier to transition to their service.

Access to document editing features

Online faxing allows you to view your documents beforehand as to make any edits to it before sending for it. One of the best tools we have seen is the digital signature that allows you to stamp it on any document you want without having to print and rescan the document again. Other features we like include highlighting, commenting, watermarking, and more. This removes the need for additional printing and manual editing.

Upgraded sending capabilities

Online faxing services come with a very good interface that allows sending and receiving from multiple people at once. Instead of having to insert a new faxing number every time, users can simply add their contacts in a single fax which they can then send to all of them at once. This tool makes it feel very similar to emailing which many people are already familiar with.

Security and privacy of documents

One of the best parts about online faxing is that you can be sure that your document will be kept secure as you send it. First, the service encrypts your documents before sending it which ensures that it will be hard to intercept and hack. The service also uses multiple security tools to ensure that the account of the user will be kept secure and hard to bypass.

This is an important tool that ensures that service can be used by industries which need maximum privacy for the documents that they send. Some services even come with a HIPAA-certification that many medical offices need to ensure that the documents will be secure.

With online faxing, users can ensure that only the recipient will be able to receive a digital copy of the document.

Is it recommended for you?

Online faxing is definitely recommended for almost any office. It is very compatible with many, comes with many features for better faxing, and can even be more affordable.


In the end, many modern offices will find online faxing services better. It is integrated with everything the office already has including cloud storage, internet connectivity, and the technology needed to operate. This is a very good investment that gives a lot of features and tools for users to improve their day-to-day faxing. It is also more affordable than traditional faxing. If you still have more questions about who is the best, just take a look at our rankings for the best online fax services right here.