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What features does eFax offer with its plans?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 10, 2020

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Internet faxing is an improved faxing technology that’s become more and more popular everywhere in the world. There are several names for it as well: digital faxing, online faxing, e-faxing, virtual faxing, web faxing, cloud faxing and others. All of them describe the same technology though, which involves using internet protocols instead of regular telephony, in order to send or receive faxes.

Some pros of online faxing with eFax

Traditional faxing is a costly technology and there are several reasons why people switch to online faxing. With traditional faxing you need a fax machine, which is a bulky and oftentimes moody machine that you have to learn how to use. It also takes up extra space in an office and it constantly needs you to replace the paper, ink, toners and so on.

Internet faxing on the other hand doesn’t necessarily require a fax machine, although you can choose to use one if you have it, even if you switch to online faxing. But you can also send faxes straight from your device. All you need is to sign up for an internet fax service and to have access to the internet, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in the year 2019.

So one big advantage of internet faxing is cost effectiveness. By not having to use a fax machine, paper and other consumables, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

It is also easier to learn to send a fax over the internet instead of through a conventional fax machine. In fact, if you know how to send an e-mail, you’ll know how to send an internet faxing, too, because the process is very similar.

And another pro of internet faxing is the fact that it is a more flexible technology that can be used from anywhere in the world. As long as you’ve got a subscription to an online fax service and an internet connection, you’re good to go.

eFax internet faxing service – What are its features?

eFax is a renowned name in the industry when it comes to online faxing. The company has been around for almost 20 years and it currently has over 11 million users using its service. eFax offers internet faxing for desktop devices and also has free mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. eFax describes itself as the number 1 online fax service and it is endorsed by Forbes, Yahoo Small Business, CNN Money and many others.

eFax has a lot of appealing features to offer to its customers. It offers toll free numbers and local phone numbers: 800 fax numbers, 888, 877, 866 and others. Toll-free numbers are shown to increase your response rates to ads and they also convey more trust to your customers.

One useful feature included by eFax is lifetime storage for your faxes. Your faxes (sent or received) will be automatically stored in the cloud and you can access them anytime you want from your online account. All you have to do is go to the Message Center. The cloud copy will include all the important info about the fax, such as the date and hour when it was sent/received, the name of the sender (or recipient) of the fax, etc. Your stored faxes can be organized the way you want to, by client, type and so on and you can also add useful tags and keywords for them.

Your stored faxes are protected on a 24/7 basis, so you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen or compromised in any way.

You can also use third-party apps to store your faxes, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud.

Another useful feature included with eFax is the electronic signature, that lets you sign your fax from your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. You can choose between a photo of your handwritten signature or you can sign by swiping your finger on the screen.

The eFax Messenger app offered by eFax is great for Windows 10 devices and it integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It can also be used with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

eFax allows large file sharing for up to 20 recipients at a time.

With eFax you can also use email to fax and send/receive faxes from up to 5 accounts.

All the common file formats are supported by eFax, from docx to PDF, JPEG, TIFF and more.

This internet fax service also allows customers to port their old number when they switch to eFax.

How much does eFax cost?

There are 3 plans you can choose from with eFax: eFax Plus, eFax Pro and eFax Corporate. The latter doesn’t display a fixed quote, you’ll obtain a customized one by contacting their sales team.

eFax Plus is priced at $16.95 per month and includes 150 fax pages per month.

eFax Pro is priced at $19.95 per month and includes 200 fax pages.