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Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated October 30, 2020

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Dealing with a fax machine is tiresome particularly when you have to send faxes regularly. For that reason, organizations have shifted to online fax services.   

Today, the world boasts quite a number of online fax companies all of which claim to be the best. With that being said, finding the ideal one for individuals or organization use can be very confusing. We evaluated a number of online fax services and here is what we found on TrustFax. 

Who makes TrustFax?

TrustFax is owned by J2 Global, an American Company based in Los Angeles California. Initially, the provider was owned by Comodo Group, Inc. J2 Global acquired the business services of the provider on 30th October 2007.  

What Features does TrustFax Have?

User Interface 

As long as you understand the basics of how to send and receive an email, you won't have any issue using this service. All management tools are accessible within their web interface and fax transferring is mainly based on email.  The incoming faxes are converted to PDF and attached to the subscriber’s email. For that reason, accessing the message is as simple as opening a PDF document.  

The interface lacks demonstrations on simple processes like how to upload files, how to delete faxes among others. However, there are demonstrations for complex processes such as how to send a fax from email and how to e-sign faxes. 

Fax Number 

TrustFax offers a local fax number in 50 states. This comes with toll-free numbers (855), (866), and (877) which can be placed in one of the states. The best part, the numbers can receive fax from every part of the world without comprising monthly page allotment.  

However, we learned that the provider holds the right to any number they give to their customer. That is very unfortunate since the number cant be ported out. The only way to have this number associated with your organization is to maintain your subscription with the provider as long as possible. 

Fax Performance 

Despite being a small company, TrustFax outshines most of the top-ranked J2 Global Faxing services. During our test, many of the J2 globals did not have a built-in signature tool. We had to place the signature as an image on the document that we were sending. However, we were extremely impressed with the TrustFax when we realized that their online solution comes with a one-click solution feature. The feature allows you to click on the image of the signature that you wish to use and easily add it to the document you are sending.  

Even more, most J2 Global faxing services required that we download the script from their websites which was a hell of work with rapid fax particularly to non savvy computer users. We were delighted to learn how easy it is to send a fax from your email with TrustFax. You simply type in the recipient number in an email and send the fax in an email address format.  

When it comes to international faxing, this service is among the best. In fact, some of the online faxing services that we tested could only send fax within the US. Those that allowed us to fax internationally counted substantially against your overall monthly page allotment. For instance, some services count one page as five pages when you send a fax to countries located outside the US. However, with TrustFax, you are charged per minute. That is pretty reasonable and it makes this service one of the most cost-effective services for international faxing. 

Portability and Integration 

Even though TrustFax is an email-based online fax provider that allows you to theoretically send a fax from your smartphone email app, we were not very delighted to learn it lacks a mobile app. Our best pick in the J2 Global communication industry had a designated online fax mobile app to use. The advantage of a designated app is that it allows you to easily select documents, sign, and send a fax. We would like to see this feature for TrustFax in the feature.  

More things came up to add to the disappointment, as we learned that this service can only get your faxes stored for 30 days. After 30 days elapses, a subscriber will be prompted to delete the messages or keep each message stored at $0.03 per month. Other fax services allow you to get faxes sent directly as a file to the cloud storage services. 


As mentioned before, you can send faxes through the web interface or via email, both of which are secure with this provider. However, an email provides additional password protection making it more secure. The password is typed in the email subject line when sending a fax. 

Plan and Pricing 

TrustFax offers two payment plan options to choose from, a monthly or annual plan. The monthly option comes at a generous $8.95 a month. But even better, is the annual plan that comes at $89.50, which works out to $7.46 per month. Either of the plans will give you 250 outgoing messages per month. Should you use more than your monthly allotment, be ready to pay $.10 per page as an overuse price. This is not too steep because most of the fax services we evaluated charged an average fee between $.8 and $.12. Lastly, the company backs their product with a 30 days free trial service. 

What are the Benefits of TrustFax?

This online service will offer you something much better than owning a fax machine. With this provider, you can easily send and receive fax messages in a more convenient way.  

In addition, it is cheaper than owning and managing a fax machine. The annual payment offers a discount of around $1.49 monthly. Besides, you will not incur any hidden charges. Not to mention 30 days of free trial services.  

The service doesn't compromise monthly pages allotment even when you faxed internationally. Instead, you will get charged per minute such that, you can send the maximum pages as long as you can afford the per-minute charges. 

Final thoughts on Trusfax

If you just want a fax service for small business or individual use, this is what you have been looking for. 250 faxed pages per month is a good number for a regular fax message. But to crown it all, the provider is simply the best for international faxing.You can send all the recommended monthly pages allotment even as long as you will afford their per-minute charges.  We found them to be an alright choice in our review of Trustfax so if you are thinking about choosing them take a look at all of our reviews regarding online faxing. With new technology there are some great options to get rid of that huge waste of space fax machine in the closet.