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Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 26, 2021

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The Covid19 pandemic forced us to change our daily working habit and adjust it to working remotely from home. We have to convert our home into our office and find ways to do our work digitally by taking advantage of the internet. 

Fortunately, unlike the 1920s Spanish Flu pandemic, we now have advanced technology that could help us manage our day-to-day activities. We could have online meetings, share project data instantly, call lots of people across the globe at the same time, and we also have an online digital Fax now.

As the name suggests, online digital Fax enabled us to send faxes anywhere in the world without a bulky fax machine. All we need is an internet browser, a decent internet connection and we are good to go. And one of the leading brands for online digital Fax services is TrustFax.

Features of TrustFax
  • Local numbers. TrustFax allows you to choose a local number from any place across the USA and Canada. You could then use this number as your default fax number so that other people could send documents to you through this number. Another benefit to owning a local number is it provides a sense of authenticity to your business. 

  • Toll-free numbers. Another additional way provided by TrustFax to increase your reputation to your customers is by providing you with toll-free numbers. A business that has a toll-free number will instantly stand out among other businesses and also would appear more trustworthy to the customers.

  • Send faxes by email. With TrustFax, you could send faxes using your email. All you need to do is attach the documents that you want to send, input the destination using the format provided by TrustFax, and it will be sent to the recipient's fax machine. And of course, you could also receive faxes by email.

  • Online PDF converter. TrustFax has the ability to convert your document into PDF. This means once you scan the documents, you could instantly convert them to PDF and send it to the recipient. When transferring documents, PDF is a preferable format because it would retain the content of your document as you intend it to be. So converting it to a PDF before sending is always a preferable practice.

  • Secured email-to-fax. As more people use the internet for work every day, a much more robust cybersecurity is needed in order to secure all of that ongoing data. This feature is one of TrustFax's solutions to that problem. Now, every fax that you send through an email with TrustFax is secured with a passcode. Only after the recipient enters the correct passcode would the documents be accessible.  

  • Online fax storage. For all of your incoming and outgoing documents, TrustFax prepared unlimited online storage for you. That way, you can now rest assured knowing that your documents would be stored securely in TrustFax's online storage. But do keep in mind that while the storage itself is unlimited, the time you could store your documents in it is not. After a month, a document would be automatically deleted. 

  • Custom blacklist/whitelist. TrustFax allows you to create a custom blacklist and whitelist number. With this feature, you no longer have to check for every incoming from unwanted numbers, you could simply put them into the blacklist and forget about it.

  • Digital signature. TrustFax also allows you to digitally sign your document in their dashboard. All you have to do is import the document from your device, or open the document that was sent to you, and simply use the digital signing function in the dashboard. All of this process would only take seconds and you're done.
TrustFax vs conventional fax machines

One of the biggest advantages of using an online digital faxing service, such as TrustFax, is flexibility. With these services, you are no longer tied and limited to using certain devices in certain places. You could send faxes with the email app on your phone from any place on earth. 

The other obvious benefit is cost. You are no longer required to buy a pricey and bulky fax machine that would fill up a quarter of your desk. All you need is your own personal computer or your smartphone. Sure, TrustFax has a monthly fee of  $12.99 per month or an annual plan which costs $129.90 per year, equal to around $10.83 per month.

But when you consider the cost of having a conventional fax machine, such as the monthly phone bills, the papers, inks, and even regular maintenance cost for the machine, $12.99 per month is practically a bargain. Plus, with TrustFax, you also have a 30-day trial period that you can use to decide whether or not their services are the right choice for your particular needs. 


In a time where most of us are forced to work remotely from home, away from all of basic office tools and equipment such as a fax machine, the internet is the only place we could turn for a solution. That's why an online digital faxing service such as TrustFax is an indispensable tool for the way we do our work today.

As you can see above, TrustFax has all the essential capabilities that you usually get from a conventional fax machine and other convenient features that would make your work so much easier. Not only that, but TrustFax is also affordable and easy to use. You should definitely give TrustFax a try.