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Sfax Internet Fax Service – Cost and Features

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 10, 2020

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Internet faxing has revolutionized the entire way telecopying works. Faxing is a very old technology developed over 170 years ago, thanks to a very ingenious invention of Alexander Bain. He was a Scottish engineer who came up with the very first electric printing telegraph, which was what made faxing possible.

The 80s were the ones that made faxing really flourish though, when the Japanese from Canon launched the first compact fax machines. For a long while after that, faxing enjoyed a huge popularity worldwide.

What are the benefits of Internet faxing?

Recent years brought yet another groundbreaking invention: internet faxing, which is called in a myriad of ways: digital faxing, e-faxing, online faxing, virtual faxing, web faxing, etc. Internet faxing consists in sending/receiving faxes using internet protocols instead of regular telephony. Because it relies on internet use alone, online faxing has a lot of advantages over traditional faxing:

  • The first and most attractive one is cost; internet faxing is a true cost-cutting technology; there are several reasons why: it doesn’t require a professional to be installed, it doesn’t even require a fax machine in order to work and because it is a paperless technology, it doesn’t require you to constantly buy paper; you also save money on other consumables you’d have to think about with fax machines, such as ink, toners and so on
  • It is more versatile and flexible; all you need is an account with an online fax service and a connection to the internet and you can send/receive online faxes from anywhere in the world
  • It is easier to learn how to send a fax over the internet than using the traditional way; sending an online fax is the same with sending an e-mail
  • It is less harmful to the environment and nature, because you get to save some trees from getting cut for paper production
  • It is a space saver because you don’t have to fill your office with bulky fax machines, all you need is a computer/laptop;
  • Online fax services nowadays come with mobile apps, which is a very useful bonus

Sfax Internet Faxing Overview

Sfax is a good example of online fax services that are reputable and popular. This service was launched by Scrypt Inc. and it is used by tens of thousands of customers. Sfax serves both small businesses and large enterprises.

Sfax is a very secure online fax service and it is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

How much does it cost to use Sfax?

Sfax is a web-based service that offers several types of subscriptions (four to be more precise). When you choose one of the plans, you can also opt for either monthly or annual billing.

Monthly billing offer

There are four plans to choose from: Standard, Plus, Contender, Enterprise.

The most basic one is Standard. This plan will cost you $29 per month and includes a total of 350 fax pages. This plan also includes 1 year cloud storage for your faxes, unlimited users and a toll-free number.

The next option is Plus. This plan is priced at $49 per month and includes a total of 700 total pages.

The next available plan is Contender. This plan is priced at $99 per month and includes 1,500 fax pages. In addition to the features available with the other two plans, this one also includes ‘download service’ and ‘API’.

The most complex plan is of course Enterprise. This plan doesn’t come with a fixed quote. You have to contact Sfax’s sales team and you will receive a custom offer from them, tailored to your specific needs. One particularity of this plan is that unlike with the other 3, which all have a rate of $0.10 per additional fax page (if you exceed your allocated limit), the Enterprise plan has custom overages.

Annual billing offer

As we’ve already mentioned it, the same four plans can also be billed annually, case in which you get some discounts. Here’s the annual pricing:

Standard - $27 per month

Plus - $47 per month

Contender - $90 per month

Enterprise – custom billing

The most important features included with Sfax