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Nextiva vFax Review - How good is this internet fax service?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 13, 2020

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Online faxing is a technology that integrates analog faxing to the internet and the computer. The main innovation that makes it different from the traditional fax is its integration to the computer and the mobile phone wherein the fax can be made and sent. 

Nextiva vFax

This particular faxing service is known for being one of the few to be compatible with analog fax machines. Although the brand name is mostly known for its Voice over internet protocol line of products, their online fax service is also a must-have. 


Nextiva offers prices that are affordable and rewarding for those who will be making big purchases. Nextiva currently offers three plans, each of them having fewer prices for longer periods of subscriptions. Their plans are the following:

  1. Basic Plan – The first plan gives you 500 faxes per month, with each month priced at $4.95 if paid annually. If paid monthly, it is priced at $8.95. 
  2. Small Business Plan – The second plan is best for smaller businesses who need more than 500 faxes per month. This plan gives you 1,000 faxes priced at $12.95 paid annually and $17.95 if paid monthly.
  3. Business Pro – The most expensive plan gives you 3,000 faxes priced at $29.95 paid annually and $34.95 paid monthly. 

Each of these plans is paid per user. These plans include fax machine support, customer support available 24/7, and free number transferring. 

Features of Nextiva

Nextiva vFax advertises itself to be one of the few which offers support for your current physical fax machine. This makes it easier for offices to transition into using their service. You can also use your current faxing number as you switch to digital faxing.

To ensure that the fax you send and your personal information will not be breached, Nextiva vFax uses 256-bit SSL encryption. Sensitive information will not be leaked online because of this. 

Another good feature about Nextiva vFax is that you can easily manage all of the faxes that you have sent and received. Through a secure portal that is accessible with a browser, you can keep up with all of your faxes.

To make sure that maximum user convenience will be achieved, you can also use their service through multiple devices. Aside from the computer, you can use it on a tablet, a fax machine, or a mobile device Through these, you can send and receive faxes. This means that even those outside of the office space can still work while using the application. You will also have the freedom to select the inbox where the faxes will be sent. You can also opt to have notifications through text so that you will be updated of the current faxes within your system. 

Newer users will be able to learn the ins-and-outs of the application quickly as the controls and features are intuitive. They also have available online videos and a library for tutorials. Their support team and customer service can also be asked for any inquiries concerning the online fax.