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Is digital faxing really better than traditional fax machines?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 7, 2021

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Faxing is an important part of the day-to-day document transactions in the office. Faxing is an easy way of sending and receiving documents. By simply scanning the document, users can easily copy and send their documents. It has been traditionally done with the use of a telephone line along with a large, faxing machine. These take a huge spot within the office, use a lot of ink, and is generally considered old technology nowadays. This is even made more apparent with the introduction of best of online faxing.


What is online faxing?

Online faxing is simple faxing done through computers and the internet. This is an integration of all that faxing machines can do but faster, with more features, and with better quality. On close inspection, it is easy to see why. After all, it manages to mix all the convenience and technological advances you can have with computers with faxing. In case your office needs an easy way of transporting documents that is not only limited to e-mailing, online faxing is the way to go. This article is a quick comparison of old faxing and online faxing for users to see why the latter is definitely better.


How do online fax services work?

As we can see above, online faxing does not need a telephone line to work. This instantly makes it friendlier for smaller and newer offices.

To use it, users simply need to have a scanning device. This can be either a scanner or a mobile phone that you will use to take a picture of the document you will send. These usually come with their own tools that can remove excessive parts and smartly detect only the document you will send. It also raises the quality and ensures that each part of the document can be read properly.

After this, users simply need to input the e-mail address or the faxing number of the recipient. They can then send the document, either to only a single person or by batch. They can also send multiple faxes at once.

Which has better connectivity options? Online or traditional faxing?

When it comes to connectivity, users can be connected to the internet with online faxing. With this, they can access international numbers with ease. The service also does not need very high speeds for sending and receiving documents.

In comparison, traditional fax machines may be limited to local numbers that their service allows them to send to. Aside from this, phone lines can also regularly be maintained or experience slow speeds in case of environmental hazards.

Quality of faxing

Online faxing uses either a scanner or a mobile phone for scanning the document. Because of this, the exact quality of the scanning may vary depending on the technology of the user. Even with this, these services come with a lot of document-enhancing features that ensure that every detail of the document will be shown properly.

These documents can also be sent in a variety of file formats. Online faxing allows the use of PDFs, DOCX, PNG, and more. This allows you to change the file size and the exact quality of the fax. This also allows you to be compatible with many computers and users.

Traditional faxes do not suffer from this issue as it already has a built-in scanner.

Easy document editing

One of the best parts about online faxing is that they allow you to modify the document. This allows you to change parts of it and put additional elements without having to print and rescan it again. Examples of things that you can attach include watermarks, digital signature, comments, and corrections. These can all be done simply from where you are editing your document such as in your mobile phone or your computer. These are also ensured to be done with high quality.

In comparison, traditional faxes may require users to print, modify, and scan the document again to modify it. This may be a waste of time, ink, and paper.

Which is more cost effective?

nvesting in a traditional fax may not be a wise business decision. After all, these have a high upfront cost because of the expensive machine. These also require the ink to be changed regularly. Not to mention, these machines are prone to having issues for which you will need help from a technician to fix. These are also bulky and take up a huge space inside the office. In short, they are simply hard to maintain.

In comparison, online faxes can be purchased more affordably. They have a cheaper upfront price as it can be simply integrated into the company with the existing technology that they already have. It only needs a scanning device and one where the interface can be controlled. A single device may even be both. After this, you will only need internet connection which many offices already have.

The pricing for these usually depends upon the number of pages you would need. Most of the time, the features offered are all available even if you choose the most affordable plan which makes it very good.


Online faxes are also much more convenient to use. First, users can easily transition to their service even if they formerly used the traditional method. They can simply incorporate their faxing number into the new service which means that their old contacts do not need not to update their numbers to contact them.

Online faxing can also be done entirely though the mobile phone which means that users can send and receive documents no matter where they are. The documents can also be easily modified through this.

Online faxing has a lot of tools similar to e-mailing. It allows users to send to multiple people at once. It also has a very good document collection system that properly and safely organizes your documents for you.

In comparison, traditional faxes are more of a hassle to use. Sending documents to multiple people may need a lot of button clicking. These are also harder to maintain and generally require more knowledge to be used properly.


In the end, online faxing is definitely the better choice for all users. It is much more convenient, matches the current technology of most offices, and comes with a lot of features. If you are looking for our reviews on the best online fax services just click here and you will find all the info you need.