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Does HelloFax work in Chrome?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 10, 2020

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HelloFax is a very popular online fax service developed by HelloSign. This service has a large number of customers using its features, especially because it offers a free plan in addition to its paid ones, which makes it very competitive.

Internet faxing has a lot of benefits, which is why traditional faxing is becoming obsolete in more and more settings around the world. Online faxing is more affordable, because it doesn’t require you to get a fax machine. With this technology you can send faxes directly from your computer, as long as you are subscribed to an online fax service and you have access to the internet.

Online faxing is also easier to use, because sending such a fax is as easy (and very similar) to sending an e-mail. It is also more flexible; you can send your faxes from anywhere in the world where you have a connection to the internet.

And another important aspect to be mentioned is the fact that this is a paperless technology. You don’t need paper, so you get to be more responsible towards the environment, by saving more trees from getting cut for paper production.

Does HelloFax work with Google Chrome?

HelloFax is very versatile and rich in features. This online fax service can be used with all the common web browsers and Chrome is of course on that list. In order to use HelloFax with Chrome, you have to download the HelloFax Chrome extension. Once you added the HelloFax extension to Chrome, you can start sending faxes using the service, after you log into your Google account.

With the HelloFax Chrome extension you’ll be able to request for digital signatures or to send faxes.

HelloFax lets you use the service with Google Drive, Evernote and other third-party platforms, so you can import from them the documents you want to fax.

HelloFax accepts more than 30 file formats.

What plans does HelloFax offer?

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, one of the reasons why HelloFax is such a popular online fax service is the fact that it offers a free plan as well. The free plan is however a bit limited, in that it allows you to send/receive only 5 fax pages.

This plan offers international coverage, digital signatures and secure cloud storage.

There are 4 other plans offered by HelloFax:

Home Office – priced at $9.99 per month; it includes 300 fax pages per month

Professional – priced at $19.99 per month; it includes 500 fax pages

Small Business – it is priced at $39.99 per month; it includes 1,000 pages

Enterprise – it doesn’t have a fixed quote; you have to contact HelloFax to get a customized price

All the paid plans include a 30-day free trial and multiple fax recipients.