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Best Free Online Fax Services To Sign Up For

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated March 20, 2020

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Online faxing is an innovation that comes from the old process of manual faxing. With the older technology requiring both ends to have a fax machine, a reliable connection, and slower sending times, it is only natural that companies will want a transition to more reliable and faster technology.

Through online faxing, scanned copies of documents that are mostly confidential can be sent through the internet. With its integration to the computer, additional features are also added to make the process easier for the users.

The best online fax services:

We based the list on the free service's features, reliability, and user-friendliness. 

  1. GotFreeFax

This tops our list mainly because of its allotment on pages and its user-friendliness. The service gives you to fax documents per day which is quite a lot for a free service. This documents can only have a maximum of three pages. This gives you about 42 pages per week which is a good feature for casual users. 

GotFreeFax's interface is simple and neat. Users are quickly guided to the upload and send feature which you can link to the recipient. There is also no registration required to be able to use their service. The only information it will require is your name, your e-mail, and the fax number of the recipient. They cannot reply to you with faxes, though, which is a fair deal for a free faxing service. 


Those looking for a short-time use of online faxing may want to try It can also be a good trial version in case you want to subscribe for long-term use. 

In this service’s case, you are only given up to 10 pages all-in-all for the free period. After that, any additional pages will be charged for 20 cents each. This is also a one-way subscription which means that you cannot receive faxes on your end. This is why this service is only recommended for those who will either be using online faxing for a short time or will only be trying out their service. 

To be able to use their service, requires you to give your details including name, e-mail, phone number. It will also require the creation of a password. This makes it easier to fully register into their service in case you are convinced to subscribe but may be a nuisance for casual users. 

  1. FaxZero

FaxZero is another free faxing service that stands out because of its page allotment. It allows users to send up to five faxes per day, each of these with a limit of 3 pages. This is a generous number of pages that casual users can take advantage of. 

Even better, it does not have any annoying requirements for using its free service. Its interface is also easy to access. You can easily upload a variety of types of documents including .doc, .doxc. and .pdf files. 

As with other free services, it also does not allow you to receive faxes. There is also a FaxZero watermark for each of the page which you will be sending.