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Zander Identity Theft Protection Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 4, 2021

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Identity theft is a fairly common crime occurring online that is a great inconvenience for whoever may be a victim of it. This is when hackers take hold of personal information about a person including their credit information, name, and more and uses it to commit crimes. This often results to the victim having crimes and transactions made under their name without their knowledge.

Zander Insurance

Zander Insurance is known for their home and auto insurance. However, they also offer reliable identity protection services which is the most affordable compared to other companies. Their services are made to protect people’s sensitive credentials whenever it is used online. This includes filing tax returns with the use of the Social Security Number, purchasing vehicles, and even filing for loans. 

Zander Identity protection cost

One of the highlights of Zander’s Identity Protection services is the affordable pricing. For starters, individual users can avail of their service for only $6.75 per month or $75 per year. For family users, the price is $12.90 per month and $145 per year. This, along with the fact that Zander is an insurance company, makes them an easy pick for many.

Features of Zander identity protection

One of the first things that users should take note is that the protection offered by Zander does not include credit monitoring. Unlike TransUnion and Experian, users will not get constant monitoring for their credit scores. In Zander’s defense, credit monitoring is easy without payment. This might be a deal breaker for some, though.

Another thing is that they do not monitor bank or credit card accounts. To see the possibility of fraud, users need to manually monitor these. 

What Zander offers, though, is a comprehensive set of information that are usually stolen online. These are information that are usually sold in the dark web which is a place in the market where illegal transactions mostly occur and users are completely anonymous. Included in the information that Zanders tracks are:

  • Medical information
  • Tax information
  • Financial fraud-related info
  • Child ID
  • Criminal ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Title 
  • Benefit and employment info

Zander Insurance offers up to $1 million in reimbursement in case your identity is stolen, and significant financial damage occurs. Users will also receive help from a restoration expert.


Based from features and protection, Zander Identity Theft Protection is recommended for those looking for an affordable identity theft protection that offers a comprehensive set of protected data. However, those looking for credit monitoring will be disappointed.


  • Offers dark web protection
  • Offers up to $1 million in reimbursement
  • Offers a comprehensive set of information to be monitored
  • One of the most affordable identity theft protection services


  • Does not offer credit monitoring

Zander Identity Theft Protection is best subscribed to by those looking for a comprehensive set of information to be protected. They offer the most affordable rates for both individual and family usage. The only downside is the lack of credit monitoring.