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What are the features of Autopom Extended Warranty?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated September 22, 2020

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AutoPOM quick review

Extended car warranties are plans which can pay for the repair of your car’s mechanical breakdowns. It is separate from the original factory warranty and is recommended if the latter has already expired. Although called a warranty, these plans differ from actual ones given that it is not sold by the actual manufacturer and can be purchased from a third-party. 

Autopom Extended Warranty

Autopom is one of the most known extended car warranty services because of their easy quoting and compensation process. Founded in 2010 in California, the service remains to be one of the popular choices for all types of users. 

What does AutoPOM cover?

As stated in their website, Autopom can cover vehicles like pick-up trucks up to the Chevy Equinox. As long as a user’s vehicle passes in terms of mileage, model, and age, the insurance company can give them a good plan. 

Their best coverage is the Exclusionary Coverage which is titled like that as it only lists out the parts that it does not cover. This means that every other part will be compensated for, bumper-to-bumper. This covers both the mechanical and electrical parts of the car which makes it the closest to an original manufacturer warranty.  

The next plan is the High-level coverage which includes almost all of the major components of the vehicle including the following: cooling, fuel, electrical systems, drive axle, steering, transmission, engine, suspension, braking, and air conditioning. This is the plan for those who wants to save more but still wants an almost full coverage. 

The mid-level plan covers important parts such as the transmission, drive axle, engine, braking, steering, electrical systems, and air conditioning. 

The last plan is the powertrain-plus which gives coverage only to the most important parts of the vehicle. This is mostly given to those whose vehicles are on the more dated side. Included in its coverage are air conditioning, transmission, engine, drive axle, and other unmentioned electric parts depending on the exact coverage the user will be given. 

Some of these plans can cover additional car accessories and even give tire protection. Users simply need to browse through their different options. 

The coverage given to a customer’s vehicle will depend upon specific case-by-case information such as their vehicle’s model, their budget, and more. 

Autopom’s coverages are offered by third-party contractors such as Omega, Royal, and Mercury. Users are advised to thoroughly read their contracts. 

Why should you use Auto POM?

Aside from the actual coverage for their plans, users are also given a lot of benefits to make their plans more worthwhile for purchasing. These ranges from simple rental vehicle assistance up to reimbursement for rental car purchases. 

The first benefit which users can enjoy is that they can freely choose the repair shop for their vehicles. This is especially handy if a customer already has a trusted shop or if they are stuck in the middle of a place far from home. The coverage for this is for nationwide and Canadian repair facilities. 

Users can also receive 24-hour roadside assistance with this service. If they experience an emergency such as their car failing to start in the middle of the road, running out of gas, or the likes, Autopom can be contacted as to give assistance to the user. They simply need to call their toll-free number. 

In case users need to rent a vehicle while theirs are still being repaired, Autopom can reimburse some of the payment. This is subject to a limited amount of days, though. Users who are also in the middle of a trip can apply for a reimbursement. 

Users who are on a tight budget would be pleased to know that Autopom offers affordable and flexible payment plans that does not add interest. Their quotes are competitive with other extended car warranty providers while flexible for a customer’s needs. Users simply need to coordinate accordingly with their agents. In case users are also not satisfied with the services of Autopom, they can also cancel within 30 or 60 days. They can receive a full refund. 

Do I need extended auto insurance?

Autopom Extended Car Warranty is most recommended for those whose original car warranties are expired already. Users whose cars are more recent and have fewer chances to have mechanical breakdowns can have better plans and coverages compared to those which have a mileage record.