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Who makes Verispy

Verispy is an online background check service founded in 2014 with its primary office in Boston, MA, USA. Since 2014 the company expanded its services and served more than 7 million people.

What is Verispy

Verispy can help you find lost relatives, check on someone’s financial records, or run a report related to illegal actions. 

 Their comprehensive records can help you search for criminal record, arrests, bankruptcies, family background (relatives, marriages, and divorces), birth and death record, and the list goes on. The whole process is secure and confidential. The company uses records that are publicly available, gather them in the same place, and reduce the required time for detailed research.

What features does Verispy have?

Verispy offers several online background check reports. They also offer a possibility to find or check someone by using their email address or phone number. Take a look at all the features and background reports Verispy offers:

Background Check – If you decide on this type of service, you can run a check report by using the people search option (first name, last name, and state), phone number, or email address. 

Criminal Records- By using this service, you will receive nation records related to felonies, arrests, warrants, and much more related to the police records within one state and one person.

Reverse Phone Search – This type of service offers a background search report for a landline, cell phone, and even phones that are not published. Not only that, it will give you the info about associated phone numbers, criminal records, and email addresses. 

Email Search – Within over 1 billion records, email background check report will include email records (ISP records, IP address, and more), associated phone numbers, criminal records, plus personal details such as: relatives, social networks, current addresses, business partners, and more. 

Arrest Records Check – For this type of record, you need to insert the person’s first name, last name, and select a state. The final report will include civil judgments, tax liens and bankruptcies, courts record, and divorce records. 

Court Record Check – this report will include information related to Civil Judgements, Probate records, Small claims, Family and divorce court records, plus Bankruptcies and Tex liens. Verispy has the access to over 50 different court records in the USA. 

Marriage and Divorce Records – By using this type of record, you will have a complete marital and divorce history. In the record, you will also find the information about the probable reasons for divorce, circumstances, but also a martial history of one person, marriage location, and personal information related to the bride and groom, and associates.  

People Search – Today it is most likely that you will need to reveal a person’s social profiles, current address, phone number, and email address. In advance, you will also get a record on relatives and business associates.  

VIN Search – All you need for this type of record is to enter a Vehicle Identification Number and the record list will include the following: vehicle ownership history, vehicle sale history, accident history, title records, recall history, and vehicle theft check. This type of record can be very convenient when buying a used car. Think about it like a criminal and personal record of your vehicle. 

Verispy is compatible with any device, including smartphones, tablets, or desktops. 

Verispy offers several types of membership options: 

  • Single Report Access Pass – Pay one time and receive one type of desirable record.
  • One-Week Access Pass – Pay one time and receive several types of records in one week.
  • 30-day Unlimited Access Pass – Unlimited Search Menu for full access for one month.

Monthly subscription:

  • 7-day Unlimited Access Trial – Unlimited Search Menu plus Search Assistance feature. You can cancel your subscription anytime, but if you cancel it before the trial period ends, you will be charged $4.95.

The company will not automatically renew your membership which is great. You can manually choose and decide on further progress. When it comes to the trial version, it is possible to activate it within the monthly subscription. There are two trial options: 7-day trial period and unlimited access for 5 days. 

Verispy background report is a great option when you want to check on someone’s background history. It can be used for personal needs, but it is also a useful service when it comes to business requirements. Before hiring someone you should definitely check his criminal records. When buying a used car, it is good to know the whole history behind it too. You don’t have to waste your time on endless research about a person or a property, Verispy will do that for you and send you a full detailed report.