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US Search Product Overview and Features

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 13, 2021

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US Search is a background check service that you can use to gather information about a person living in the US. Some data that you can search include marriage records, criminal records, addresses. You can use it to look for relatives and friends that you have lost contact with along with others.

How does it work?

US Search browses through publicly available government records and more to create a comprehensive report that summarizes all this information. You will only need to supply basic data such as the person’s last name, their address, their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or others.

Being around since 1998, US Search is one of the most reliable background check services. They also have the most accurate information displayed in their reports.

Features of US Search

The following are the features of US Search:

  • People Search– By putting their last name and city/state of residence, you can look for further information about a person.
  • Phone Number Lookup– Using a phone number, you can conduct a reverse phone lookup. This is especially handy if an unknown number is contacting you or if you have contacts in your phone which have no names attached to them.
  • Email Search– Using his/her personal e-mail, you can look for further information about a person.
  • Social Network Search– US Search can be used to look through different social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace to look for a certain person. You can even get photos of the person through this searching method.
  • Property Records– This type of search requires more information about the person. By inputting their specific address, city, state, and zip, you can get precise data such as a property's deed information, maps, details, ownerships, and more. What makes it more reliable is the fact that US Search uses a database which lending companies and appraisers also use.
  • Criminal Records– For an additional fee, you can search for a person’s list of criminal history (felonies, convictions, misdemeanors, sexual offenses, and others). You can search by State or Nationwide.
  • Background Check– You can have a full background check of a person by supplying their last name, city, and state.

Notes and things to keep in mind when using this background checking service

  • US Search produces better results if you can supply more specific information such as the person’s contact details and their middle name.
  • You can choose to remove your information from their database by sending a request through their Opt-out online form. In about seven days, your data will be deleted from their records.
  • The person you are searching for will not know about your inquiries.
  • US Search and similar background check services cannot be used for making tenant and employment decisions according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The specifics of where their information can be used on is written in their Terms of Service.
  • The data that US Search supplies is only limited for those living within the USA. You can get information, though, if a person living outside it has stayed in the country for a while. Further information about them once they leave is not included, though.

While we like this option for its free aspects, there are some places where you might be wanting more out of the records that are returned. If you want to find the best background checking service make sure you check out our list here.