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Should you use Instant Checkmate?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 17, 2020

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Online background check services come very handy nowadays, because they can easily and quickly offer information on almost anyone you might think of. They are affordable, relatively accurate and can save you a lot of time.

Instant Checkmate is a great internet background check service. They call themselves a “public records search service”, because they gather their information from public sources that are available to anyone: federal, county records, Deep Web, social media information and more. So in case you are wondering why should you pay for this service, the main reason is convenience. While it might take you hours, days or even more to do a research and browse through hundreds of records, Instant Checkmate does all the job for you and presents you a report within just a few minutes.

What can you use Instant Checkmate for?

Instant Checkmate allows you to look up for information and run background checks for various purposes:

  • To find out information about your neighbors, whether they are new neighbors or maybe just seem suspicious to you
  • To reconnect with old childhood friends
  • To locate former classmates, for a potential high school reunion or other reasons
  • To do a research on the parents of a new friend of your child
  • To look up for potential dates before meeting someone in person
  • To find out information about your social media friends
  • To find out whether there are any sex offenders near you
  • To run a background check on an online seller to make sure they are trust-worthy
  • To find out stuff about a favorite celebrity
  • To run a background check on yourself to see what comes up; this will give you an idea on how much information about you is publicly available

These are just some examples of how you can use an online background check such as Instant Checkmate. The list of uses is obviously much longer.

Are there restrictions in how you can use Instant Checkmate?

The fact that online background check services such as Instant Checkmate are not Consumer Reporting Agencies means that there are some limits in how you can use them. Here are some of the don’ts of Instant Checkmate:

  • You can’t use the service for pre-employment background checks, for screening your candidates
  • You can’t use it for tenant screening
  • You can’t use it to determine a person’s eligibility to get a loan, credit and so on
  • You can’t use it to determine educational qualifications, eligibility to get a scholarship and so on

How much do you have to pay for Instant Checkmate?

The price of Instant Checkmate depends on whether you want to subscribe to the service for a month or three months.

A 1-month subscription is priced at $34.78 and lets you run unlimited background checks for the entire month.

A 3-month subscription is priced at $83.47 and it gives you access to unlimited background check reports for all 3 months.

These subscriptions have these prices if you opt for the standard reports. Instant Checkmate also has premium reports available, which are a bit more comprehensive but will cost you an extra $19.99, regardless of the subscription you choose.

What can you find in a standard Instant Checkmate report?

A standard Instant Checkmate report includes information such as:

  • Address history
  • Phone numbers
  • Arrest records
  • Social media profiles
  • Date of birth
  • Email addresses
  • Nearby sex offenders

What can you find in a Premium Instant Checkmate report?

Premium reports include all the above-mentioned information and some additional ones such as:

  • Properties owned
  • Business associates
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Old phone numbers of the person you’re running the background check on
  • Voter registration
  • Weapon permits
  • Civil judgments
  • Neighbors
  • Tax liens
  • Watercraft and aircraft owned and more

Instant Checkmate can be a very useful service and the information in the reports is accurate and easy to read. A background check takes only a few minutes to complete and both subscriptions are affordable. We definitely recommend Instant Checkmate if you are looking for a reliable online background check service.