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A review for Instant Checkmate

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated April 16, 2019

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Background checks and profile searches can be vital for a lot of situations including job recruitment, family or friend searching, and other related activities. Since it would be very expensive to hire a private investigator and too time-consuming to do it on your own, online background checking services are now available. Instant Checkmate prides itself to be one of the most popular among these.


In terms of pricing, Instant Checkmate offers a trial period for a dollar. This is for one day for users to be able to test the services’ functions and capabilities. For one month, they are priced at $22.86. For a three-month membership, they are priced to $14.86 per month. For six months, 9.86 per month. For their premium reports, they charge 19.99$.

Difference between a standard report and a premium report

According to Instant Checkmate, a standard report will generally contain all the basics of a person which may include social media profiles, telephone/phone numbers, addresses, related persons, criminal records, marriage records, date of birth and the likes. A premium report, however, will include civil judgements, ownership of watercraft and aircraft, additional permits, properties owned, UCC filings, and even their neighbours.

Upon closer look, the premium report is only relevant if the person you are trying to search for has a lot of information in his or her name. High-profile people of immense properties and connections are more likely to give more results when searched. If the person you are trying to look for isn’t particularly connected to anything huge, a premium search may not be worth it.

Accuracy in details         

The accuracy of the content that they will be able to generate will be the most important part of looking for background check services. In this aspect, Instant Checkmate does not disappoint. It was able to supply us with details about people that are timely and relevant, albeit with some outdated ones (minor details like phone numbers and colleagues). The details that they will show are also arranged in an easily readable way.

The interface of their website is light to the eyes, with the prominent colors being blue and dashes of green. The buttons are easy to understand, their functions easily remembered at first glance. The design of their website is enough for most to understand. It is quite a challenge for a service this complicated to be able to present itself casually but Instant Checkmate manages to do it.

Compared to other background check services, Instant Checkmate’s clarity in delivering reports is a standout.  


Instant Checkmate is a good service for those looking for a quick and comprehensive report on a person that they’ve lost contact to. It delivers completely information, reliable data, along with a user-friendly interface.

The only drawback that can be seen is the high price for Premium reports which may be too much to pay for those with contacts that have more information to them.

Overall, Instant Checkmate is a good background check service.