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How good is BeenVerified background check service?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated September 29, 2020

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Internet-based background check services are very valuable tools when you want to quickly find information about certain people. They can be used for various purposes: to reconnect with a childhood friend or a former classmate, to run a search on a coworker, a potential date, a new neighbor and many more.

BeenVerified is an online background check service that was launched more than 10 years ago. More than one million people have used the service so far and their number grows by the day.

BeenVerified is a very complex service that offers 7 products in a single package. You can do more than just run people searches with this service, because it also lets you run phone lookups, email searches, address searches, username searches, VIN (vehicle identification number) searches and unclaimed money searches. The latter refers to unclaimed money/property you may be entitled to, such as uncollected tax refunds, forgotten security deposits on a utility bill and more.

What can’t you use BeenVerified for?

While BeenVerified has a lot of uses, there are some limitations to these types of services as well and that is because they are not FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant.

That means that you can’t use this internet service for purposes such as:

  • Employment screening (if you want to hire someone, you can’t evaluate them based on the information you extract from a BeenVerified background check report; the same applies for promotion screening or reassignment)
  • Hiring workers for household jobs such as nannies, cooks, gardeners, to give just a few examples
  • Tenant screening
  • Educational screening (you can’t use BeenVerified for evaluating a student for a scholarship, admission and so on)
  • Credit or insurance screening (you can’t use BeenVerified for determining someone’s eligibility to get credit or insurance)

How much does BeenVerified cost?

BeenVerified offers a membership pricing system. The company has 2 types of memberships available: a 1-month membership and a 3-month membership.

The 1-month membership is priced at $26.89 per month and it gives you access to unlimited reports for one month and to 4 search types.

If you opt for the 3-month membership, it will cost you $17.48 per month. It will also give you access to unlimited reports for 3 months and to 4 search types.

Once you are set on one of the two memberships, you can pay via PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay or Venmo.

Regardless of the membership you choose, it will include unlimited background reports, address lookups, phone lookups, contact info and criminal records. You can choose between four search types and you also get notifications when the information in a report changes.

There is also a 7-day trial available for just $1 per day and you can run unlimited reports for the entire week.

Where does BeenVerified get its data from?

BeenVerified relies on billions of public records from dozens of providers. The information in the report is indeed up for grasp by anyone, but it can be very time-consuming to dig through all these countless sources to extract that information.

BeenVerified takes all the relevant data, from federal records, to social media profiles, magazine subscriptions, speeding tickets, mortgage deeds, blog postings and so many other sources such as these. All the data is packed into a single report that is neatly organized and easy to read.

BeenVerified mobile app

BeenVerified knows how important it is to be flexible and it also has a mobile app you can download. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and it has more than 7 million downloads so far.

BeenVerified helps you with any type of information you might need. You can look for someone’s criminal records, which may include everything from driving records to arrest and conviction records. You can run a reverse phone search, to find out who is behind a phone call. You can find out their name, address, email address and more.

The people search tool is also very useful for those trying to find information on relatives, friends, a potential date and so on. If you are looking for someone’s address, phone number, property records, you can use the public records search.

And if you are worried about your privacy, BeenVerified allows you to use their opt-out feature, which removes your information from their People Search results. This process takes less than 24 hours to complete, once you’ve sent your request.