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Does Truthfinder have a free trial?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 12, 2021

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Truthfinder is an online background check service. Here, users can look for more information about a person only by inputting their name or some information they have about them (e-mail, city, state, etc). Aside from this, they can even look for a person who has called them without leaving information using the reverse phone lookup service. This service makes it possible to look for relatives and friends you’ve lost contact with, verify the information shared to you by a person if you have doubts about it, or if you just want to know more about someone in general.

Does it have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Truthfinder does not have a free trial. The service currently offers two monthly memberships, one offering one month and the other offering three months of unlimited background checks every day. Aside from this, they also have a separate plan for those who plan to start a reverse phone number lookup. They accept most major credit cards and PayPal. Their service is one of the most affordable services which is why it is recommendable for most, especially for those who plan to do many background checks within a month. The service continues to charge while you are subscribed. 

Why does it require payment?

With the internet, obtaining more information may sound easier. However, users should take note that with Truthfinder, users can gain access to millions of data that are available through publicly available government records along with specialized databases. Aside from this, the speed in gathering the information about a person along with the convenience brought by the service when it summarizes the data they’ve gathered is part of their charge. With their service, more accuracy and speed can be expected compared to doing a manual search yourself which may be inconvenient, and which may yield inaccurate results.

Is Truthfinder legitimate?

Truthfinder is legitimate company. They do not scam their customers. Instead, they provide reliable information that comes from government databases and resources which makes it more accurate and official. Aside from this, before supplying information about the person you are running a background search for, the service first lets you narrow down the list of possible data to ensure that you will get the most accurate results. It does not mix any wrong information on your background checks on purpose. 

Is it safe to use?

One of the concerns of users who are new to background check services is that the person they are trying to run a background search of may be notified about this. The good news is that TruthFinder does not do this. This is because it is not illegal to gather information about a person if you will be using publicly available information that is provided by the government. You are simply checking what is available for everyone to see. As said above, the payment for the service is mainly for the speed and accuracy provided by the service in gathering information.

The website is also secured with an SSL certification along with 128-bit encryption to secure the data it gathers.

What information can you search?

The information you can gather about a person in a standard search mainly involves those that can be seen in their government records. These are the information included: criminal records, their photos, their full name, aliases, their contact information, birthday and age, their addresses both current and former, jobs, education level, relatives, and relationships.

Users can also see if a person is included in the list of sex offenders within their area. It also lists their assets, their military records, weapon permits, and more.

Will it always be accurate?

While the service supplies speed and convenience for the users, there should always be a degree of error for the information it provides. This is because some government data may simply be not updated. Some information may also be mixed with some. Even with this, users can expect their data to be mostly correct and reliable enough to know more about a person.