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What can CBD do for dogs?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

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CBD is a popular product, and for good reason. It can greatly help in relieving anxiety and pain which is felt by many. As it is slowly legalized in many states, companies have expanded their reach for it to be used not just by humans, but also pets such as cats and dogs. The chemical is found in the Cannabis hemp plant.


CBD for dogs

Dog owners can instantly notice when their pets are more tired or anxious than usual. This can be seen when they are not moving too much, not eating like usual, and is generally under the weather. While we can never truly adjust their behavior totally, we can instead use supplements such as CBD to help boost their mood.


CBD or THC, which one is right for dogs?

Because CBD is mainly gathered from cannabis plants, many are worried that it might have THC in it. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound in cannabis responsible for the feeling of being “high” and feeling euphoria. It also comes with side effects like dizziness and disorientation. On the other hand, CBD can give you all the medicinal benefits of the plant without its negative side effects. Because of this, CBD is allowed by many states as long as it contains less than 0.3% of THC.

Another thing to note is that hemp plants are currently used in a lot of industries such as making ropes and clothes. It is fully natural and is renewable for the environment. This makes it a safe medicinal plant. Once again, like in all of our articles, we want to remind you that we write based on experiances. What has worked for us might not work for you, and never take anything in your, or your pets body, without checking with your doctors or vets. We can't take responsibility for anything like allergic reactions, only letting you know what we have done and worked well for us in the past as you can see our story about what cbd has done to help my dog with her seizures.

What does CBD do for your pets?

CBD can be used to promote the functions of the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The latter is a part of the dog’s body that regulates their health. It does this by sending receptors to their nervous system, improving bodily functions, and stabilizing their chemical levels. It promotes homeostasis which is the state of the body where all of its levels are normal.

Because of this, it has a lot of benefits for your dog.

Improved mental health

Dogs can be more anxious because of a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it is just their personality, but most of the time, it is brought by changes in their environment. Examples of this include being in parties with a lot of strangers and loud noises, meeting new dogs, or moving to a new house. With CBD, they can manage their emotions better and be less anxious.

CBD has also been seen to make dogs livelier. Regular consumption leads to better everyday moods that can make them friendlier to both humans and other dogs. This can also help them return to their youthful vigor.

Improved physical health

CBD can also improve their physical health. Its main benefit is that it can lessen any constant pain that they may be feeling. This can be used if they feel pain from swelling joints from osteoarthritis, pain brought by tired joints and muscles, pain from having a surgery, and more. It can also boost their overall health by improving their immune system and making their organs function better.


What are the downsides of using CBD?

CBD does not really harm your dog in any way. The worst that can happen for them is diarrhea and headaches brought by accidentally giving them too much of the product. It is not lethal even in high doses, but you should still be cautious of how much you give to them. Generally, the amount you give depends on their size. In case you are still wary about giving it to them, you may ask for the professional advice of a veterinarian which has knowledge on the topic.


How do you give CBD to your dog?

The most popular form of CBD is through oil. This is easy to digest and comes with its own dropper which you can feed your dog with. You can control the dosage by counting how many drops you will give.

Another form of CBD is through dog treats. These come in various flavors that make it more enticing for dogs. Determining the number of treats you give will be how you can control the dosage of the product. Aside from being easier to eat, it can be better as it can also be used as reward for when you are training them. We have found that our most prefered cbd treats for dogs in canada was from Fur Babies Co. 

Should you give your dog cbd?

Because CBD can help improve the health of your dog in general, everyone is advised to try the product. After all, it has almost no side effects when given properly and can help them have better mental and physical health. It is also advised to be used in case you are expecting an inevitable event that can cause great anxiety for your dog. For example, you can give it before New Year’s Day, before a birthday party, or when you are moving houses. 



Every dog owner should at least try using CBD for their dog. It can give them a huge health boost that can relieve anxiety, lessen pain, and generally improve their mood. It is safe for consumption and comes in a variety of forms to make it easier to give to dogs.