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What are the benefits of using cbd oil for your pets

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 16, 2021

Dog taking cbd oil via a dropper


As a pet owner, our pets are not simply an animal that we brought to our home. They are our best friends that will accompany us no matter what happens to the world. And that's why we want what's best for them. We want them to be happy and healthy. 

The way to achieve that is by giving them enough delicious and nutritious foods and medicines whenever they need it. And one particular medicine has gained a lot of popularity among pet owners lately and it is said to boast lots of benefits for our pets. 

It is called CBD oil. But just because lots of people use it, doesn't mean you can simply buy it and give it to your pets. That is why in this article, we'll talk about what CBD oil is, the benefits that our pets could potentially get from it and lots of other important things that you need to know about it.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is the end product that stemmed from the cannabis plant, particularly from hemp. There is a compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) inside a hemp. It is the one that could cause the calming feeling. There is also another compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the one that would give the feeling of high when consumed. 

The challenge therefore is to separate the two compounds and only extract the beneficial CBD while leaving aside any trace of THC. When successfully done, CBD will be able to be produced into various products. The effect would be relatively the same, the difference is simply the means of delivery. There are CBD tablets, capsules, gummies, and of course, CBD oil. 

Because cannabis is always associated as a dangerous and illegal drug, any meaningful research on CBD has experienced a lot of push back. But since the US federal government legalized the use of CBD in 2021, there has been a lot of progress and positive results in terms of research and regulations. Although it is commonly looked at as a supplement there is no issue if you give your dog cbd oil everyday as part of a treatment plan.

Important things to note about CBD oil

Earlier in 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally approved and recommended the use of CBD and products derived from it as a means to treat epilepsy. While it is certainly great news, the lack of proper research and regulation means the end-consumer has to be extra vigilant when purchasing any CBD products. 

Therefore, the following are some of the things that you need to know when it comes to CBD and also things to look out for before buying one as not every CBD blend is the same , and there are some pretty big differences between the different products on the market these days.

  1. CBD is a form of treatment, not a cure. With the limited data that we have now, FDA reminds us that CBD could mainly be used as a way to help treat certain ailments, not as a cure or a replacement for a proper prescription medicine. 

  2. Purity is everything. As mentioned before, extracting only the beneficial CBD from hemp while leaving out the THC is a hard thing to do. That's why the CBD products that are in the market right now usually contain a trace amount of THC in it. Therefore, the important thing is knowing the percentage of CBD's purity on any given product. 

  3. Only use the proper dosage. Just like any other kinds of medicines, proper dosage is everything for CBD. Different people with different needs and ailments need a different dosage. So make sure to consult with your trusted healthcare provider before using CBD products. 

  4. Animals and humans are similar. When it comes to CBD, the effect would be similar both to humans and animals. Because we both have a similar physiology, especially regarding the endocannabinoid receptors that are being affected by CBD. 
Why should you choose a CBD oil for your pets?

If there are so many different CBD products in the market right now, why should you choose CBD oil for your pets instead of other forms of CBD? Well, the main answer is because it is easier to use. Because unlike us humans, giving medicine for cats, dogs, or horses could be quite difficult. In the past we loved apawthecary cbd oils, but they have since shut down. 

And as noted earlier, one of the most important things when consuming CBD is the dosage. So by using the CBD oil, it would be easy for you to measure the right doses based on the amount of drops. And since it is just a few drops of liquid given through the dropper, it would be way easier to give than other forms of CBDs.

Using CBD oil is also easy and pretty straightforward. How to use it is relatively the same whether you are the one using it or if you are giving it to your pets. All you need to do is simply use the dropper and give a few drops of the oil to your pet's mouth. Be sure to give the CBD according to the proper dosage. 

Benefits of using CBD oil for your pets

CBD could affect different parts of the body at the same time which would give different benefits for your pet's overall health. Through the nervous system, CBD could provide an anti-anxiety effect through its calming and relaxing nature. It could also play an important role in helping to modulate pain.

Through its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD could help alleviate joint problems. From something basic like a sprained ankle to a much more serious health issue such as arthritis, CBD could help treat, and to some extent heal, most joint problems that happen to your pets.

And finally, CBD could also affect the digestive system. This means if your pets seem like they lack any desire to eat, giving them CBD could increase their appetite. But before you decide to use CBD, make sure to talk to your trusted vet first in case its lack of appetite is an indication of a larger issue.  

Difference usage of CBD oil for cats, dogs, and horses

Just like CBD will yield a similar effect to both human beings and animals. Different animals across the mammal kingdom would also react the same way to CBD. More research is needed in order to know how it would affect other species of animals.

The main difference that you should be aware of is the dosage. There are lots of things that might affect the amount of CBD that you could give to an animal in order for it to work properly. Things like species, body mass, the type of activities that they usually engage in, the kind of ailments that need to be treated, so on and so forth. 

The dosage for a cat is surely different to a dog and it will also be highly different to a horse. The effect will be the same, but how much CBD that it took in order for it to work properly will be different. You should definitely consult your trusted vet before giving CBD to your pets. If you are looking for the best CBD pet treats in Canada make sure you check out that page , as they have done a bunch of reviews on them.

Is CBD oil safe to use for your pets

Yes, research conducted by both the government and private entities has shown that CBD oil is perfectly safe to use for your pets. Not only that it is safe, giving them CBD is actually beneficial to your pets, especially if it has health-related issues such as sprain, anxiety, or even a simple lack of appetite. 

The more important things that you need to be aware of is of course the purity and the dosage of the CBD. CBD by itself is definitely safe, but if there's too much THC in it or if you give it more than what your pets need, then it could turn into a serious or even life-threatening condition. If you want more info on what CBD can do for your pets, make sure you check out our full review as we look at all the positive aspects that CBD can have on your pets.