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What are the 5 best washing machines on Amazon right now?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

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Amazon offers a wide set of washing machines that vary in terms of price, quality, and brand name. Here, users can have more options to choose from so that their specific needs will be met which is why many prefer buying from here. This article is a quick summary of the top 5 washing machines in the website based on customer ratings and availability.

Based on observation, most of these units are top-load units which may be preferred by those with smaller spaces inside their homes. If these are less of the style of washing machine you are looking for, and you want to find more washing machine reviews we suggest you take a look at our reviews as we do more in depth ones on our site.

First : Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine

Topping the list is the Nictemaw Portable Washing Machine. It can wash 13 pounds of clothes and spin seven pounds of it. It is designed to be very simply used. It needs manual water pouring which means that it is not connected to the water lines which may be a problem for some.

To use the washing machine, users need to time each part of the cleaning process, from the wash and spin. It has a Twin Tub design that allows users to use both features at the same time. The minimum minute for each part is 15 minutes for washing while 5 mins for drying. 

The main highlight of the unit is that it is very portable even with its abundant washing capacity. It can be carried inside RVs which makes it friendly for those who want to transport it. It also has a reliable design mostly made of durable plastic. This allows it to be lightweight for travel and capable of working with minimal noise and vibrations which makes it apartment friendly.

The unit is also very affordable at the price of $149.99 which makes its various features and price friendly for most users.

Second : Krib Bling Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Krib Bling is a fully automatic washing machine that also works similarly with the first product but with the introduction of more features. With this, users simply need to set the minutes for the washing and the spinning. For this, users are given 10 programs that change the intensity of washing the clothes which can help accommodate jeans, bedsheets, and other types of clothes. Users can also select the water level used by the machine which means that it is directly connected to a water source which removes the need to fill it up manually every time. The machine can be controlled using the LED display on its control panel. Users can also change the child lock of the washing machine which makes it safer to use. 

To give good cleaning and avoid any damage to your clothing, this machine has a honeycomb stainless steel design for the tub which prevents any tugs and damages to the clothes while spinning. Here, users can load up to 15.4 pounds of clothes which is enough for the average user. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.

The unit is priced at $259.99 which is reasonable because of its abundant features and sturdy design.

Third : Panda Portable Washing Machine

The third product is the Panda Portable Washing Machine that is made specifically for condos and apartments given its compact size. It has 10 different programs for washing that can accommodate most loads along with 5 water level settings. It has 2 built-in rollers that can make it easy to move around the house. It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time which makes it friendly for carrying around. It can only accommodate up to 10 pounds of laundry which is quite small compared to other products, though.

The product is priced at $263 which is reasonable because of its abundant features. 

Fourth : RCA RPW302 Portable Washing Machine

RCA RPW302 is a portable washing machine that has the capacity of 3 cubic feet which is quite small for its price of $451.17. It has 12 wash cycles overall which is very abundant compared to other products which allow it to handle different types of laundry. It also has 3 temperature options which make it more effective for removing stains and optimizing the washing for your laundry. It has a delay-start option that allows you to start the actual washing later to allow it to soak in the detergent first. The product has a low noise level of less than 72dB which makes it good for apartment users. Lastly, it has rollers attached to its ends to make it easy to move around. The product is priced at $451.17.

Fifth : Koswin Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

This product allows up to 8 pounds of clothes during every wash. It has a compact and light design that allows it to be apartment and dormitory friendly. It has 6 washing program options. It has both a fully automatic wash and dry function. With a noise level of 30db to 50db, the machine operates very quietly. It has mostly a metallic design that makes it very sturdy and reliable. The product is priced at $239.99. 


If you haven't found the perfect washing machine for your needs we suggest you take a look at our washing page review page as on that page we do more in depth reviews at the different options available today. And if you want a different model reviewed or have any suggestions just let our team know !