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Miele WDB020 Review

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 26, 2020

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Miele WDB020 Design

The washer has a standard design that can fit any kitchen. It isn’t noticeable at first glance as its strength lies more on its functionalities rather than its aesthetic.  

The control panel of the unit is the instant eye-grabber with its contrasting yellow and black design. At first glance, users may find the design complex given the amount of information included in the LED panel. This includes the amount of water, duration of washing, and the start/stop feature.  

The panel uses the DirectSensor technology to enable the machine to detect the slightest touch from the user when necessary. This is helpful in case you need to adjust something while mid-wash. 

The machine uses a simple control knob for selecting wash control.  

It has a honeycomb-designed interior which enables gentler washing because of rounded edges. 

Washing Functionality

The limitations with the Miele WDB020 come with its fairly small capacity (compared to washers of similar prices) with its 7kg drum capacity. This might discourage families from using the unit. 

Other than this, the machine is outstanding in its washing capability. 

For starters, it uses Miele’s unique CapDosing system which allows the user to use a special detergent or fabric conditioner that comes in a cap form that will be inserted in the soap drawer. 

The machine automatically detects how much water and electricity will be needed to clean a load by weighing it. It has an A+++ energy rating which is standard efficacy for washers.  

One of the highlights of the machine is its low noise levels that makes it good for night-time washing. This is a good sign of high-quality motor design. The machine uses the ProfiEco motor to make this possible. 

Users will never run out of possible options for washing as the machine has a total of 9 washing modes that can accommodate any type of wash load ranging from delicate to outerwears that uses a specific cloth. 

The following are the options for washing: 

  • Cottons 
  • Express 20 
  • Dark garments/denim 
  • Outerwear 
  • Proofing 
  • Woollens 
  • Shirts 
  • Delicates 
  • Minimum Iron 

These range in terms of washing intensity and the amount of time for washing. For example, the delicate setting enables gentler drum action and less spinning speed while dark garments/denim options manages to prevent washing out the quality of the cloth.  

Its Speedy 20 option is reliable for small loads and quick loads. Users need not worry of remaining stains as the machine is powerful enough to clean even with a limited time frame. 

Final review of Miele WDB020

To wrap up our Miele WDB020 Review is a solid choice for those looking for a variety of washing controls, great cleaning quality, and energy efficiency but are ready to trade it for a limited washing capacity.

The best part about the unit is its Miele guarantee which promises up to 20 years of reliability. 

 It offers great value for your money given its number of features and its durable design. Although not much with design and aesthetics, it is a solid choice for a deluxe washing machine. 


  • Has 9 laundry control features
  • Uses a quiet and gentle motor 
  • Offers great cleaning results 


  • Capacity is limited to 7kg 
  • Does not include Miele washing capsules with the unit