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Miele WDB020 Features

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated November 6, 2020

Inside of front loading washing machine.


The Miele WDB020 is one of the most affordable units in the expensive line of washing machines by Miele. The company is based in Germany and is known for their world-class quality domestic appliances. 

Unit Design

The Miele WDB020 is designed as a front-load washing machine that can take 1-7 kilograms of laundry. It is averagely sized, with dimensions of 596 x 850 x 636. It weighs about 200 pounds. 

The unit uses an LCD panel that is mainly black. This displays the different features of the appliance. At first, it may look too complex given the abundance of text written. It becomes easier to use over time, though, as users get more comfortable with its controls. 

The LCD screen can be controlled with a simple touch of the finger that is easy to do so even when mid-washing. The icon selected will light up when touched to indicate a response. The unit uses the DirectSensor technology that adds accuracy to the user controls. 

The machine uses Miele’s honeycomb drum technology which has a hexagonal sculptured surface. This enables less wrinkles for the clothes and less wears and tears. Garments can simply glide on the surfaces. 

The unit has a sleek and modern design, with all its edges round. It can fit any kitchen’s motif given its simple look. 


Miele uses the CapDosing feature unique to their brand that enables users to insert detergent, fabric conditioners, and additives using capsules that are carefully portioned. 

The machine is energy efficient, having only 175 kWh of annual energy consumption. It has a grade of A+++ for its electricity consumption.  

The unit has an automatic load recognition function. This allows the machine to intelligently adjust water level and energy consumption depending on the weight of the laundry.  

The machine uses a unique Water Control System that monitors the water intake of the machine and detects and leakages in the drip tray. Miele offers a water protection guarantee that bears the cost for any damages caused by their machines’ defective water system. 

The unit is on the quiet end of the spectrum compared to other washers. It is friendly to use even in apartments. 

Wash Cycle features

The following are the different cycles of the washer along with its purposes: 

  • Shirts – this is the basic option that allows the machine to lessen creases made on the clothes as to simplify the ironing of the clothes after washing and drying 
  • Woollens – this option decreases the risk of shrinking the clothes and the damage of material quality by washing the fabrics gently 
  • Express 20 – this allows users to quickly wash clothes in around 20 minutes depending on the weight of the load 
  • Outerwear – this can wash outdoor textiles and still retain their quality after intensive cleaning 
  • Proofing – this thermally fixes clothes to ensure water-repellent properties 
  • Delicates – this option is for delicate clothes that needs gentle washing
  • Dark garments denim – this option makes sure that denim garments and materials will not lose color and quality while being washed