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Kenmore Elite 31633 - is it a good washer?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated March 27, 2019

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When it comes to washing machines, there has always been a debate regarding top-load vs. front-load washers and which one is better of the two.

The truth is that both front-load and top-load washing machines come with their advantages and disadvantages, so in the end, it is a matter of preferences and priorities.

Front-load vs. top-load washers

Front-load washers tend to be more popular because they have bigger capacities and they are gentler on your laundry. They don’t use as much water as top-loaders either. On the other hand, that big capacity means they are also bulkier and tend to occupy more space, so if you want a washer for a small apartment, dorm and so on, you might want to consider a top-load instead.

Top-load washers may be a bit rougher on your laundry because they use an agitator. They are also smaller so you’ll fit smaller loads than in a front-load washer. On the other hand, top-load washers are more affordable, they take up less space and it is easier to load/unload your laundry in them thanks to the door being placed on top rather than in the front, where you have to bend.

Kenmore Elite 31633 – Is it a good washer to consider?

Despite being a top-load washing machine, the Kenmore Elite has a very large washer, with a drum capacity of 6.2 cu. ft. That is why it is a very popular model and a good buy for anyone looking for a family-sized top-load washer.


The Kenmore Elite measures 29.5 X 30 X 61.2 in (W X D X H) with the lid open and weighs 187 pounds.

The washer has 10 wash cycles and 5 speed levels. It has a max. spin speed of 950 rpm. It is not the highest number out there and unfortunately it does mean your laundry will still have water left in it and will take a bit longer to completely dry.

The Kenmore Elite comes in dark grey or white and has a simple control panel. The settings on top are touch sensitive, although a bit too sensitive, so you risk pressing something you didn’t mean to.

The 10 wash cycles are normal/casual, bulky/bedding, heavy duty, whites, sanitize, cold clean, delicates, express, rinse & spin and clean washer.

A great thing about the Kenmore Elite is that it has an impeller-style agitator instead of the traditional one found in most top-load washing machines. The impeller is gentler on your laundry and it doesn’t twist them as much.

The washer has 5 water temperatures, delay wash, an end of cycle alert and 5 soil levels.

The Kenmore Elite has a very useful feature, namely Accela Wash, which reduces the time of every cycle. All the cycles of the machine take less than one hour to complete with this feature.

The Kenmore Elite is renowned for its ability to remove stains and the Steam Cycle is very effective in getting rid of tricky stains or odors in your laundry.

This washer is also Energy Star Certified.

Price. The Kenmore Elite goes for approximately $1060.

All in all, we think it is a great option for those looking for a top-load washer that can handle family-size loads of laundry. It is not as rough on the clothes as most top-load washers, it is great at removing stains and it’s also energy efficient.

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