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Feature reviews of the Real Relax Favor massage chair

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 3, 2021

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Nowadays, almost every kind of job requires the use of computers. As a matter of fact, having the whole employee working solely through the computers has become a common place in numerous offices. Sitting for hours in front of a computer is how we do our job in this modern day and age. 

And with such static posture for hours on end, your body will turn stiff. And if you simply sleep it off without properly addressing the issue, all of that fatigue will finally accumulate. It won't take long for your muscle to start aching all over. 

One of the best remedies for such issues is by getting a massage. Having a routine full body massage will surely make you feel way more refreshed and also increase your overall health at the same time. And when it comes to a great massage session from the comfort of your home, Real Relax Favor Massage Chair is the best candidate for the job. 

What is the Real Relax Favor massage chair?

RealRelax is a company that was founded in California in 2014. Their main products are massage chairs. The idea behind it comes from the fact that at the time, they saw no proper massage chairs that could properly fulfil the needs of a full body massage. So they decided to develop one. 

It didn't take long until they managed to create their first fully commercial products. The RealRelax Favor massage chair was unveiled to public eyes in 2015. At first, the company was small and they only had local customers. But nowadays, they are one of the leading brands in the industry and their products have been sent to over 40 countries across the globe. 

RealRelax developed several other massage chair lines over the course of the years. But the RealRelax Favor is still their flagship product. Each generation is improved to meet the growing needs of the consumers. And this latest version of RealRelax Favor is the most sophisticated one yet. 

Features of Real Relax Favor massage chair
  • Multiple massage rollers. In order to make sure that you could get the full body massage experience, RealRelax Favor is equipped with eight massage rollers that are placed in various places, such as on your back, your neck, your foot, etc.
  • Full-body airbags. A great massage chair not only depends on its functionality, but it has to be comfortable as well. You should be able to fully feel relaxed while sitting on it. That's why RealRelax Favor placed 50 airbags all over the chair. And this is what creates that sense of floating when you use the Favor massage chair. 
  • Built-in heating. The Favor massage chair from RealRelax is not only about making you feel loose and relaxed, they are concerned about your overall health as well. Which is why this latest model has a built-in heater that would improve the blood flow along your spine. 
  • Adjustable height. RealRelax wants everybody to be able to comfortably use their Favor massage chair. This is the reason why the Favor massage chair has an adjustable height feature. That means no matter your age or your body type, you could freely adjust the Favor for an optimal massage session. 
  • Auto modes. The RealRelax Favor massage chair was designed to be easy to use by everyone. You could simply sit on the chair and pick any of the four auto modes and enjoy the massage. Each mode has a different speed and strength configuration. And of course, you could also freely customize each setting.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Other than various aforementioned features that would improve the overall massaging experience, RealRelax Favor is also equipped with high tech equipment. One of which is the bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect your phone to the chair and play around with the settings there. 
  • Smart control. In order to easily control all of the features mentioned above, RealRelax Favor massage chair comes equipped with an HD display and a smart controller. This makes it possible for you to access and change all of the different settings with one hand during a massage session. 
Benefits of using Real Relax Favor massage chair
  • Free shipping. RealRelax Favor massage chair is a bulky and heavy machine, so it is understandable if most people would think the shipping cost would be astronomical. Fortunately, RealRelax offers free shipping for any shipment within the United States. 
  • Three-year warranty. Every RealRelax Favor massage chair was carefully designed to be highly durable and long-lasting. They believe so much in the quality of their products that RealRelax feel comfortable in offering their customers a three-year warranty on every purchase.
  • 30-days returned and exchanged. Since the RealRelax Favor massage chair is a bulky device, it will usually be delivered to you in two or three boxes. If you found any kind of defect when you try to assemble it or maybe other types of error due to shipping or manufacturing error during the first 30-days period, you can return the massage chair and RealRelax will give a brand new identical product for you.

Sitting still in front of a computer all day long will make your body feel stiff and ache all over. Sooner or later, it will affect your overall health as well. Getting a regular high quality massage is one of the best ways to recuperate from such conditions. 

But getting a regular massage from a professional therapist is expensive, so the next best option is to get a high quality massage chair instead. And the Favor massage chair from the RealRelax is one of the best in the market right now. 

RealRelax Favor is a durable massage chair that is equipped with tons of features. From the 8 massage rollers and 50 airbags all over the chair to the built-in heater and a very convenient Bluetooth connectivity, all of it is there to ensure an effective yet comfortable massage session. You should give the RealRelax Favor massage chair a try.